Launching the New unitedstreaming at the Challenger Learning Center

Whether you’ve always dreamed of being an astronaut or not, playing one for a day at the Challenger Learning Center in Atwater, California, was "out-of-this-world" fun!

Ucspeaker_1Our adventure began with a presentation by guest speaker, Michelle Chouinard, Assistant Professor of Psychology from UC Merced.  Her thought-provoking presentation was entitled, "Children’s Questions: a Mechanism for Learning about the World." Our group of teachers had many questions for Michelle and we had to "fly" to make our mission on time.

We listened carefully to the instructions of our mission commander – we were about to "Rendezvous with a Comet."  Each of us had an assigned role with tasks to complete. (Even though we had important tasks, we couldn’t help but take pictures along the way!)


We were, of course, ravenous after our rendezvous and sat down for a lunch catered by the Hilmar Cheese Factory.  It was all delicious… but I think everyone enjoyed the Cheesecake Brownies the best!  They were heavenly!

Lunchconversation_1Lunch_1Once fed, our educators were ready to accept their Challenger Challenge.  They assembled in teams of 3 or 4.  Each team was given a flashdrive with a variety of media assets from the new unitedstreaming.  The assets included futuristic/space-themed video segments, images, and audio files.  Their task… to create a digital story using at least two of each of the asset types they were given.  These creative and enthusiastic educators came up with some wonderfully entertaining digital stories!  After many laughs and lots of applause, they spent the remainder of the day exploring the Learning Center’s Science and Technology Museum.  TrainingfunIt was a BLAST!


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  1. Scott Johnson said:

    This was a great event! Thanks, Susan! From the delicious lunch to the exciting space flight, we had a BLAST! I really found Michelle Chouinard’s lecture on kids questions interesting and it stirred up some of my own questions. I would like to contact her to see if she would like to use some of my students in another study of kids their age. It was also nice to work with Mark again. Way to go NAV team! Even though it is right in my own “backyard” and I have been there before, it has been some time and it renewed my interest in such a great reource. As always, Susan, this was a well planned and fun day. This was also my first time, other than the webinar on launch day, having a tutorial on the new Unitedstreaming. I can’t wait until the next event. Susan, you are the best! Thanks again!

  2. Eleanor Vade Bon Coeur said:

    The day was well worth the drive from San Jose. Challenger Learning Center would be a terrific field trip. Check out all the options on their web site

  3. Mark Jeffery said:

    Yea NAV Team – and all of the other eager astronauts that made our mission a success! This was a great venue for introducing many of us to the new version of unitedstreaming and to get to know DEN members from Northern California who we hadn’t met yet. The “challenge” activity of using pre-selected unitedstreaming resources from a space theme to create our own digital stories was inspired and a lot of fun! There were many crazy stories shared at the end. Susan, thanks for your hard work and attention to details. Your effort and inspiration made for a wonderful Saturday event! I can’t wait for the next one!

  4. Michelle Chouinard said:

    Hello! Michelle Chouinard here. I notice on Scott’s comment, he said he’d like to contact me. You can reach me at Thanks for the nice comments about my talk!


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