National PTA: Snakes and Roaches and ‘Gators, Oh My!

LadysnakeI represented the DEN at the National PTA Conference in Phoenix.  When Discovery launched LearningAddsUp, a program that allows schools and districts to share in the revenue from Cosmeo sales, it was necessary to get the word out.  So, with snakes, roaches, hedgehogs, and alligators (and Joel and Brendan), I went to Arizona.   The animals were part of a "Bring the Zoo to You" raffle.  Any parent who visited the booth was eligible and a drawing was made at the end of every day to decide which PTA across the nation would win a visit from the animal handlers and menangerie.  Joelroach The animals and handlers were from the San Diego, not the Animal Planet, but Jeff Corwin videos were showing on Cosmeo most of the day as people petted, fled, or went nose to nose with the animals.Ladytortoise The reaction to Learning Adds Up and Cosmeo was very positive, and if you don’t know about the program, click the link and see how simple it is to sign a school up.  Once signed up, anybody anywhere who subscribes to Cosmeo can select that school as beneficiary for revenue sharing.  Feeds the brain (not the belly) and moves digital media truly into the day-to-day school world of cookie dough.  Hard to imagine even ten years ago that media on the web would be that available.  After the conference closed for the night, we took a pedicab over toPedicab Chase Stadium for the Diamondbacks-Angels baseball game.  It was great to spend time with folks from other companies who commit revenue to schools through school-site grants or other means.  We talked about introducing a technology strand to PTA/PTO conferences at the state or national level.  There were no technology sessions at all (!) for parents, and we know they are hungry for information on the Internet, video, and more–maybe even cellphones (don’t get me started…).  We talked about twhat great resources that DEN teachers are and how much parents would gain from have a DEN teacher present to them.  The game started with stretches (see picture) and ended after an amazing 13 innings.Baseballstretch  The Angels won.  I could then stop explaining why the Angels, who are in Orange County, are called the Los Angeles Angels.  It was a great game and a great end to an evening. Walking back after the game, it was still over 90 degrees in Phoenix.  ScoreboardI went back to pack before heading out to the DEN regional institutes in Chicago and Dallas.  Every DEN institute has been fantastic and I can’t wait for these two!  The last task tonight will be to download Producer (free) to convert PowerPoints into videos and experiment with pulling them into Adobe Premiere Elements.  Why not stand in front of your own presentions via ChromaKey?  We’ll find the answer at the DEN institute!


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