Technoangels Have you ever met a couple that made you want to believe in fairytales again? I met Kay Teehan in January when I came on board for North Florida DEN. At our Polk Implementation Celebration I was fortunate to meet her husband Larry Griffin. This past week at our South East DEN Event I got to see the team in action.

They are a team! Larry kindly provided technical equipment and support. On Monday afternoon we trekked over to GPB to set up and the poor guy was still there at 8 PM while everyone was enjoying a dessert reception. Kay had been there helping move tables, setting up cables, and everything else it takes to make technology work, but at least she got to come back early to wash up before the reception. Then they went back over that evening at 10 to test the computers. Cheesecake was their dinner that night.

The next day we had some technical issues, but Larry was right there to assist. He helped those who needed help, provided an extra set of hands to the GPB tech team, and was just a blessing! He even presented (quickly since we were out of time) information on how to keep your computer running smoothly.

And the fairytale part? I caught them holding hands, they both kept gushing about how wonderful the other was when one wasn’t around, and just acted like two young people in love. Ahhh…….romance is still alive!

So on behalf of the South East Regional DEN Institute, I say thank you! We were honored to have you with us, and pleased to make you an Honorary DEN Member. Thank you so much! I hope you enjoyed your trip to Savannah after our busy week!

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  1. LaQuita Hutchinson said:

    I would like to echo the remarks made by Danielle about this amazing couple. They are both a blessing and I am glad that I got a chance to meet the both of them. You are our Guardian Angels.

  2. Mark Hall said:

    You can’t say enough about how much they did to make the event a success. Thanks to both of them for going above and beyond, taking the time to make sure that everything was setup and working for us. To me this is what being a DEN member is all about, helping others that need the help.

  3. Brook Peabody said:

    Kay is the one who let me know about the DEN and I am glad she did. She is always looking out for other people. Way to go!

  4. Michele Futch said:

    I agree. What an awesome couple!

    Larry, I hope your administration appreciates your hard work and dedication! It’s hard to find people like you who take the time out to help others anymore!!!

    Thanks Kay for being a great DEN member. Thanks for sharing Larry with us. I don’t know what we would have done without him!

  5. Tom Turner said:

    Working with Kay. WOW! I can’t say how LUCKY I am to work with a colleague who is so willing to help out and guide me where I need to be. She’s been a great mentor, colleague and friend.

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