Wisconsin DEN Test Wings!

Cimg0087Bring 55 amazing DEN educators together, mix in a dab of Hall Davidson and Will Richardson, a traditional Chicago style B-B-Que, spontaneous friendships and synergy and you have the recipe for a memorable time.    Nine Wisconsin DEN Educators are into their first day of testing their wings.  Last night it was digital storytelling wings with Hall sharing his energy Cimg0095and insights on opening the doors to the empowerment of creating powerful digital stories. Cimg0118

Today it is Will, master edu-blogger, helping frame the world of blogging within the educational context.  The brave new world is about IMAGINATION and CREATIVITY, Will shared, and we are now watching Matthew Bischoff’s podcast –   check out his homepage at www.matthewbischoff.com


Matt is a 13 year old from New Jersey who has developed his "Escape Radio" program.   Interestingly… here we are watching young people, like Matt, creating their own very engaging programming which truly is being consumed by a worldwide audience.  Kids are TEACHING… they are teaching us — sharing their writing, their thoughts, their wisdom, their sense of the world!  Kids are learning and teaching.  Kids have access to a billion connected people.  How do we harness this potential? How does this change education? The Classroom? How we teach?  Is it scary? Dangerous? Disconcerning?   Or is it exciting? Motivating? Powerful? ..Check out some of Will’s highlighted blogs and think about the impact!


MIT Open Courseware — MIT has put 100’s of their courses online for anyone to tap! Syllabus, the study materials, video lectures (sometimes), the exams, and the answers!  Wow… an MIT education for free.  Yep… it’s a different world! Will is giving us so much to think about — more coming in a few hours!


Brad Potter, Shannon Anderson, Laura Miller (Indiana),Deb Breunig, Keith Schroder, and Rita Mortenson


Heidi Catlin, Rachel Yurk, and new educator friend

Patricia Hawkenson (Eau Claire) helping Field Managers prepare for the opening day.



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  1. Keith said:

    It was an awesome day! By the end of the 7 hours of training all of our minds were swimming. Now we can’t wait to apply all of the new stuff we’ve learned by working on a project! If you didn’t apply for this DEN training this year, you really need to consider applying next year. It’s AWESOME!

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