Happy First Birthday, DEN!

DEN Midwest Soaring High!

It’s the birthday of the DEN today and it is a celebration of collaboration today in Chicago!  We have had an amazing day of sharing, learning about developing effective digital stories, storyboarding techniques, learning new strategies, discussing how podcasting enhances teaching and learning and endless tips.   

Cimg0186_1 TECHNO the DEN-O-MYTE is here with us celebrating

Be sure to visit Eric Langhorst’s Speaking of History site and the many links and resources he’s shared.  Eric, MS Social Studies Teacher from Liberty,MO, is doing some amPict1642azing authentic learning activities using podcasts and blogs.  Audacity is one of the FREE open source audio editing programs for both PC and MAC uses to develop his podcasts.   There are great tools to help "normalize" sound files, endless tracks, and the ability edit, combine files, etc.

Cimg0202 Alright — a DEMBO… I mean a BINGO winner… who says we can’t have fun while we learn more about the NEW UNITEDSTREAMING and the DEN Web Site!





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  1. Katherine Aiken said:

    Happy Birthday DEN! We are having a fantastic time in Chicago with all of the party favors, cake, candles, etc. Jan, I love the photo of Chicago at night with the lights. Did you take that one last night when we were all sightseeing and walking off our pizza dinner?

  2. Keith Schroeder said:

    What an awesome birthday! We learned so much more today. I can’t wait to apply everything now and work on a project. The experience of the Kingson Mines Blues Cllub was one I won’t soon forget either. We’ve had quite a tast of Chicago while devouring all of the new information we’ve been getting. Thanks again, Discovery, for this experience!

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