DEN Camp 3

Sunrise_city Although I have lived in Florida for 18 years, I never knew that Fort Pierce is the Sunrise City!  How can you resist going to the beach for sunrise when you are in the Sunrise City?Pelican_sunrise  On the second day of St. Lucie County’s second DEN camp, I ran over to the beach for sunrise and stood in awe of the beauty of a new day.  Florida’s sunrises and sunsets are amazing.  Whenever I am training near the coasts, I make sure I take the opportunity to begin the day on the right foot.

June was DEN Camp month in South Florida. For this DEN Camp, we had a very special group of 19 teachers from St. Lucie who came for intenstive unitedstreaming "just because." They didn’t come for a stipend, they just wanted to get better at unitedstreaming. I was so impressed with their energy and talent.  Carole Gooden,Carole_gooden  Jeanne Moniz and I were able to show the teachers the NEW unitedstreaming and all its great new features, embed and hyperlinking videos into PowerPoint, drag and drop images and citations to PowerPoint drag_and_drop_3.wmv , create Photo Story movies with those images and even had time to go over all "the Builders: Assignment Builder, Quiz Builder and Writing Prompt Builder."  Phew!  That’s a lot of learning in just two days.  No problem for the St. Lucie teachers.

Stamp_card_only Once the teachers finished all their challenges, they received a butterfly stamp for their efforts.  After we shared their Unit Plans, they were eligible to take Love_us_2the Prize Quiz.  The top scorer picked first from the prize table and the St. Lucie teachers were able to leave with great ideas from each other, pen drives and many goodies to encourage, equip and empower them to use digital media to enhance the learning environment for their students in the upcoming school year.



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  1. Carole Gooden said:

    Karen……You know we no longer think of you as a visitor in St. Lucie County. You are officially a member of our family here. I have already received several calls from attendees at the DEN Camp telling me how much they enjoyed it and how much they learned. I believe they are just eager to start a new year and show all that they know. Thanks for all your hard work and for the wonderful goodies that you shared with the teachers.

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