This has been my first MAJOR event as a DEN member and the past couple of days have been phenomenal.  I’ve met new friends and learned new things about them–AND about me!  My first call home was to report that I had gotten myself checked in and carried my own luggage up to my room–pathetic, I know!  But, an accomplishment nonetheless.  I’ve also learned what a wonderful organization the DEN is and continues to become!  It is truly a work in progress with heavy emphasis on sharing so that students receive the ultimate benefit of our collective expertise.  Right now, friends are helping me to develop some proficiencies with Movie Maker.  I truly can’t say enough about the positive learning environment that has been provided for all of us here at the Dallas DEN event–we are all becoming the "STARS" we were destined to be.

Special thanks to all who have had a hand in planning and implementing this wonderful event!

By the way, my school was just awarded The Lone Star Cup for academic and athletic accomplishments this year.  Check out the following link to find out more Region XI.

Rosanna M. Webb, Lindsay ISD, Region 11 ESC


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