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Today I had the pleasure of meeting a bunch of teachers from Florida through DEN Member Mel Gilbert. He’s teaching a class this summer on Technology in Education and invited me out to introduce integration of unitedstreaming. Once I met many wonderful educators, showed some fun things to do with unitedstreaming and answered some questions I ran off to Ed Media International Conference at the Renassaince Hotel near Sea World. There I met Dr. Laura Zieger from New Jersey City University, right before I got to offer support in her presentation. Dr. Zieger’s graduate students (in-service teachers) use unitedstreaming and digital media to create lessons and projects with higher order thinking skills and scaffolding in mind. The class is actually called Discover NJCU!

I mention this not only because I was excited about the work she is doing, but also to point out some of the hidden gems in unitedstreaming. Discovery has teamed up with several accredited universities to bring you online courses on digital media integration. You can find more information on each program by logging into unitedstreaming, navigating to Professional Development, and then clicking on Courses for Credit. These should not be confused with the free webinars.

I also received a great number of emails today with DEN members mentioning some great events that they have completed this week or last. They’ve been bragging about how wonderful the sessions have been and how much everyone loves the new unitedstreaming. Cecelia Solomon won an MP3 player for her events in May. Why not fill out the form below to grab your chance at winning the East Coast Presentation Paradise Station? Any event you completed from January through June counts, so if you need to back track, go ahead. These events not only give you a chance to win, but they also show that you’re an active member of DEN. So get these events reported! I’m reporting the class from Mel and the co-presentation today with Dr. Ziegler for today, but I don’t qualify to win. You can!   Download den_event_summary2.doc


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