Geographically Challenged

My fellow DEN members, I would be lost without my Garmin. Ask Jannita from California. Then again, I get lost even with my Garmin, ask the poor ladies from the South East Event that had to ride with me in Atlanta. It took us an hour through some beautiful mansion estates to get to the 10 minute away place to eat. The important thing is – we got there!

Tropicana_field_581x200 Now all of you know just how challenged I am with my mistake by saying we’re meeting in Tampa Bay to see the Devil Rays play on July 21st as part of our back to school bash. They’re called the Tampa Bay Devil Rays but they throw the heat in St. Pete at the Tropicana Field. St. Pete as in St. Petersburg, FL.

So for those of you joining us for the Back to School Bash in St. Petersburg from 3-6 on July 21st to hear from the regional and national attendees and then for the game from 7-whenever please do not go to Tampa. Please go to the Tropicana Field in St. Petersburg.

South Florida, Karen said she’d like to join us! So please RSVP on the calendar or by emailing me or Karen soon! Lots of fun and prizes. Tickets for unitedstreaming users are $15 and for guests are $20. Guests will not be able to join us in the 3-6 session but can join us for the game. Oh, and DEN member tickets are FREE! Your price is all the hardwork you put in reporting events, sharing resources, and commenting on the discussion boards and blogs. All tickets also include a hotdog, Cracker Jacks, and drink.


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  1. Michele Futch said:

    Looking forward to the Devil Rays Event and Game. My husband and son are joining me for the game.

    See ya there!!! Looking forward to seeing my DEN members again!

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