Media Kits

We are engaging ourselves in a presentation now from Bill Lewis (Instr. Tech Dir – New Braunfels ISD, TX) and Susan Monahan, Instr. Tech – Austin ISD, TX) on Media Kits.  To piggyback on Hall Davidson’s keynote the other night at Texas Land & Cattle, take this idea of the "FOLDER."  Create that folder first……what do you put into that folder?  Many things like digital photos, video clips, sounds, animations, and extra stuff like PDF’s, weblinks, and documents.  Who creates this folders and inserts the media?  The teachers – for students and for other teachers.  For example, a media kit on the Water Cycle might include some clips on the types of clouds, images from unitedstreaming of clouds, a weblink, and more.  One great idea Susan and Bill create is a Word doc. with the citations and a simple description.  Susan then showed us all of the creative projects that students created with the media.  One student remixed some images and narrated it to create his own video.  Another project included

e-instruction (CPS system)


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