Thanks for the Memories & Help!

We wish to extend our gratitude for this past DEN Summit in Allen Texas, June 26-29.  We learned a bunch of new tricks and toys and refreshed our training in other areas!!!

In appreciation, we composed this little limerick – no it’s not the usual kind…Ha!

"We love our DEN, Michelle, Brad and Chris

Their training we’d never think to miss…

Let’s not forget Kristine and Gerard

They’ve made things easy when once they were hard…

All our new friends, we will surely miss!!!"

Come back to Allen any time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

See you on the web!

Vicky Selznick and Robin Screen, Allen ISD      



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  1. Annette Campos said:

    Hey Michelle,

    I am just stopping by to say Hello. I got home safe.Also thank you for planning a wonderful event this past week in Allen. It was great. I made many friends and learned many new things. Thanks Again.

  2. Elaine Plybon said:

    Michelle, I want to thank you and Chris, Gerard, Brad, Kristine, and anyone else who had a hand in making this week so great! You really were too good to us! I especially love that I came home with so many new, but easy-to-use tricks and am revived for my summer projects! I can’t wait to pass all the information along to other teachers in my district! Thank you!

  3. Sally Walter said:

    Thank you Michelle for your enthusiasm and caring attitude used in creating the DEN RI. It was just about perfect. I will always remember the experience and envy all who should get to go next! Your team made us all feel like STARS!

  4. Glenda Jenkins said:

    Thanks Texas for hosting a wonderful conference. I learned so much and I am excited about having new friends in “other” places!

  5. Joyce Baumann said:

    Hi to DEN managers and fellow DEN members. The institute was fantastic and I can’t wait to share all my new information with other teachers in my district and have some fun with my students. Michelle, thanks for the new directions home. I made it out of the Dallas area in record time. Have a great rest of the summer and don’t forget to practice what we’ve learned (especially during Lasar Tag!).

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