From the conference floor

Day one of the conference may be over, but that doesn’t mean the activities are through.  Right now I’m taking a quick breather in between the conference itself and the Party in the Park that Discovery Education is hosting.

The vendor area is everything you’d expect it to be.  Full of demonstrations, t-shirts, blinking things and free schwag.  I spent the first few hours of the conference walking around with butterfly wings on.  Yes, I said butterfly wings.  Why?  Because Discovery is transforming education of course! 

While I spent most of the time walking the floor, everytime I swung by our booth, it certainly seemed to be hopping.  In fact, it seemed as though every session was overflowing into the walkways.  Every half hour, we’re highlighting some way that Discovery is transforming the way you think about education, and if you attend a session you can possibly get yourself a free t-shirt and be entered in a drawing to win an iPod!  Pretty sweet.

Quite a few Discovery Educators stopped by the booth to pick up their ribbons to attach to their badge, and while they were there I got some reports about their NECC experiences.  Later tonight I’ll be cutting the audio into a podcast. 

I did have to leave the floor a little bit early.  The ten Discovery Educators who won our resource upload contest set aside a few hours to share their thoughts about the website.  We got some great feedback from them and quite a few ideas to consider implementing.  Great ideas, and some really solid suggestions from some of our biggest power users.  We’ve also invited them to share their NECC experience here on the blog, so keep an eye out for their posts here.

Time to head off to the balpark.  Hope to see you at the booth tomorrow!

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