Happy, Happy Birthday Celebration

A Happy First Birthday to the Discovery Educator Network was celebrated at Dave and Buster’s in San Diego last night.  Almost 200 DEN educators from across the nation, friends and family members boarded buses at the convention center, waved goodbye to the fabulous NECC conference for the day, and prepared to party LOUDLY for the rest of the evening.  There was lots of food… and even more laughs!  Participants were teamed and competed in arcade events involving basketballs, skeeballs, 16-wheelers, surf boards, machine guns, and a yes, even a dance platform!  Even though many of our DEN members couldn’t be there, I hope all will feel a sense of belonging when they take a look at the pictures below.  You, our DEN members, are what makes the Discovery Educator Network the valuable resource that it has become for so many.  Thank you… and happy birthday!  Hugs, Suz

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  1. linda in san diego said:

    As one of the newer DEN members I was tickled to meet (my field manager for Southern California) Jannita and to see the Discovery Booth. Then the Birds of a Feather event allowed me to meet new folks, even though I am a San Diego county resident, I am still feel like a lonely only in this area! But, thanks to Christie (please forgive me if I spelled your name incorreclty) from Las Vegas – I made a new friend.
    The video game activity was inspired – too fun.
    And really, I am a really good driver in real life!!!! Really, only one accident in 30+ years of driving on REAL roads!
    True confessions – after watching Hall Davidson’s presentations about the iPod video – I went and bought one! I am currently downloading right now!
    And in conclusion, it was too fun to watch folks enjoy my birth city – it allowed me to see my home town through new eyes.
    And, btw, we all need wings and the mega prize!!!

  2. Char Gould said:

    Happy Birthday DEN! We had a blast at the party. Enjoyed all the positive energy, friendship and fun. Team Barney Rules!

  3. Lee Kolbert said:

    Happy Birthday, DEN! Sorry I couldn’t be there but it sure looks like you were having a great time!

  4. Danielle Abernethy said:

    Happy Birthday DEN! May we have many more!

    How was the West Coast Reunion?

  5. Diana Kenney said:

    The birthday party at Dave and Buster’s was amazing! Thanks to all who made this possible. The best part was the incredible energy by all of the Den Members.
    I love being a Discovery Educator…you make me feel appreciated!

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