An Adventure Ahead for Brian, Frank, and Jan

One of the best parts of being a Wisconsin DEN Member is the adventures we have when… we are involved in regional and national events.   

Over fifty DEN members from across the United States and the Discovery Educator Network Field Managers and Leadership Team are about to descend on Silver Spring, Maryland – the home of Discovery CommunicationsFrank Devereaux, 6th grade educator, Verona Area Schools (Verona, WI) and Brian Bartel, High School Science Teacher, Appleton Area School District (Appleton, WI) are about to have quite an adventure in the Washington, DC and Silver Spring, MD area.   

Brian_bartel_appleton_3 Brian Bartel – Be sure to check out Brian’s awesome DEN Blog where he shares educator resources!  I have found great resources for digital storytelling, ideas on integrating unitedstreaming, Web 2.0 applications, Microsoft educator resources, posting etiquette tips, and much, much more! You can also find Brian’s DEN Blog by doing a search on DEN Blog authors and using Brian’s login name "bbartel".   Brian knows the power of sharing!


Frank Devereaux with one of his 6th graders who built a structure about to be tested on the Kat Kwake table.  Frank built his own earthquake simulator which puts the students specially designed buildings through an intense shaking.  His authentic, inquiry-based science lessons and his love for teaching makes him a very popular teacher at Savannah Oaks Middle School.  Cimg1873

What’s so cool about Frank is that he is a scientist and a pilot but not one who would ever brag about his accomplishments.  I know that he loves teaching and the students LOVE him.  I saw him work his magic during the big "Kat Kwake" event at Savannah Oaks.  Cimg1905 The room was filled with excitement as Frank’s students put their creations (shake-proof buildings to the test in front of real world judges).  The kids LOVE learning in his classroom as it is all about the wonder and excitement of learning!

Brian and Frank are just two of the wonderful nearly 200 Wisconsin DEN members who have tapped into the power of the DEN and are collaborating with others to share ideas, experience first-hand the excitement of being a part of the Discovery Educator Network, and be selected to attend a special DEN opportunity.

Watch for our Blog posts this week as we share the first National DEN Event from the home of Discovery Communications!  We will be engaged in tons of fun, meeting leading educational technology educators, special guests, and bringing you some awesome digital stories!


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  1. Keith Schroeder said:

    I hope you guys have a great time. It makes the rest of us envious! I hope you plan on sharing what you guys see.

  2. Patricia Hawkenson said:

    I have been trying to post comments after reading these entries. After I try to post my comments I see a statement that says that comments are not allowed. Is there a place in the DEN pages that shows the email addresses so that I can contact people directly?

  3. Jan Wee said:

    Patsy and all,

    Comments are not immediately uploaded until I review them due to all the SPAM attacking blogs these days. As far as contact with Brian or Frank – I will be happy to send you their contact information next week after I return from vacation… (what I am doing in an Internet cafe in Hayward, WI????…:-0 )

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