The MegaVCR Handouts from NECC

MegavcrAs promised, here are the handouts from the MegaVCR -Media and More in Your Pocket session done by me at NECC 2006. This is a pdf of the PowerPoint.  It basically explains how to download videos, including —and especially–videos from unitedstreaming.  It also explains how to put PowerPoints onto the iPod and how to embed videos into those presentation.  It also explains how to connect the iPod to a television or VCR (works for a projector, too!).

Some of you know this was a replacement session for Staggeringly Good Things Mixing Google Earth and Media because a snag in the Google Earth "End User License Agreement" made it appear that school use of Google Earth was not permitted.  Good news on this front.  A few days ago, permission for appeared on the Google Earth site, saying
"The use of Google Earth for educational purposes in primary, secondary, and post-secondary institutions is OK." It is buried at, but it is there–and that’s a beginning.  The educational community owes some thanks to the Discovery Education for working so hard to make this happen!  The official modification of the EULA may not be far away! When that happens, watch this site or for the posting of the original Staggeringly Good Things Mixing Google Earth and Media session!  Thanks for your patience on that one!
The handout:Download the_megavcr.pdf


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