Back to School Bash Update

I’m in Silver Spring, MD for the National Institute of Discovery Educators. I’m going to have Tom Turner give us an update of all that he’s learning later in the week. Until then, here’s an update on the Back to School Bash.

Baseball_player_running_bases_lg_nwm_1 We are meeting at the Tropicana Ball Field in St. Petersburg on July 21st at 2pm at Gate 4. Try to be there around 1:55 because we have to walk up as a group. We have presentations from 2 until 4:30 from Summer Institute Attendees. If you would like to bring your laptop, you may. Otherwise, no technology will be provided. (I was able to connect wirelessly at the game with my PDA, so …….)

At 4:45 we are going to leave the stadium and come back in as official attendees of the game. If you are having a guest meet you there, have them meet at Gate 4. At 5pm we have a "social", which includes the Touch Pool that is being introduced that night! In honor of the Touch Pool being unveiled and the mascot of the Devil Rays we are holding a contest for the best digital story on Sting Rays/Devil Rays/Bat Rays or the best resource on Devil Rays. The format for the digital story needs to be in either Windows Media Player or Quick Time. I need these on July 19th so they can be judged on the 20th and winner announced on July 21st. At 6:15ish we are going to have dinner – hotdog, cracker jacks and drink. Game starts at 7:15. 🙂

Notes about the stadium: It’s all indoor and always 72 degrees! Free parking if you park at the stadium. Since we’re getting there early, it should be easy parking. You can bring outside food and drink, as long as they are in a clear container. There’s information and details on their website for further reading enjoyment.

If you have not yet RSVP’d you can do so either by emailing me or registering on the DEN website Calendar.


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  1. Cheryl Woolwine said:

    I am looking forward to a fun afternoon of information and baseball and meeting some new DEN friends from North and South Florida, and of course reconnecting with some DEN friends I recently met in Atlanta. Can’t wait!

  2. Tom Turner said:

    I look forward to sharing with all you NORTH FLORIDIANS!!! all the great stuff we did up here in DC this week. Until then!

  3. Brook Peabody said:

    It is going to be a blast. I can’t wait to see what Tom has to share. I saw the rays new tank on TV last night. They said if a ball lands in it they will donate to charities.

  4. Nathan Guteras said:

    Can’t wait to catch up with everyone on Friday.

  5. Nathan Guteras said:

    Great meeting you and catching up with the ten DEN members from Polk County. Having educators from Pineallas, Osceola, and other communities helped me see how other teachers are using United Streaming and Cosmeo. Even though the wireless did not work, the information sharing of new products and features was great. The game, snack and feebies were cool. The best part was seeing the Stringray tank !
    Thank you again to Discovery’s Karen (SFL)and Dawn (NFL).

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