DEN Takes a Field Trip to See the Myth Busters

Motto Adam_and_jamie_setting_up Brian_filming Okay… so some things in my job are still so surreal to me.  So when, Mari Belacazar  called me a few weeks ago and asked if I could take 1 lucky DEN member to the set of the Myth Buster’s to help create a Discovery Education film for the winners of our NSTA sweepstakes, it didn’t take long for me to start doing the happy dance. Two weeks later, Brian Talmadge and I boarded our planes and headed toward San Francisco.

When I arrived, I imagined seeing a set, lights, a costume crew… all those things one typically finds at a film location.  Instead, we pulled up to a warehouse.  Yep… a warehouse filled with lots of gadgets but not too many signs of what one think they would see at the set of one of Discovery Channel’s most popular shows. (Yes, Buster was there!)  What I can say is that Adam, Jamie, Grant, Kari, and Tory are absolutely wonderful people.  What you see is really what you get!  Some of the most down to earth “Talent” I have ever met!

Grant_says_hello Kari_getting_things_ready ToriSlimy_salami  Today they would be re-visiting the myth about blowing up salami.  Apparently they were not too satisfied with their previous results.  For the rest of the afternoon they ran around preparing for the big explosions. BIG they were as we later found out when smoke came billowing out of the container.  Funny thing… Adam and Jamie still get soo excited, when things actually blow up … the louder the noise… the more cheers they let out! 

Action_time Mari_with_buster Dsc03348 Dsc03421 I seriously could write pages full of all of our adventures of the day, but my favorite moment was simply spent hanging out in their office talking about the show, past myths, future shows (shhhh), recent trips they had taken with their families.

Dsc03434 So here’s my question…. If you could spend an afternoon hanging out with the crew of the Myth Buster’s what would you ask?  What would you want to see?

Post a comment here and I’ll enter you into a raffle to receive a signed copy of the Myth Buster’s book.


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  1. Lee Kolbert said:

    I’m so jealous! I love those guys!!!
    I would ask about myths they haven’t been able to bust and why.

  2. Grace Hauseur said:

    Jannita, I want in on the raffle!!!! Here is my myth entry based on one of the funniest movies I’ve seen. I don’t care how many times I’ve seen “MY BIG FAT GREEK WEDDING”, I’ll still stop when flipping through the channels if it is on just to watch and laugh. MYTH: If you pluck out facial hairs instead of shaving them off, they won’t grow back as dark or as thick, but bleaching or electrolysis is the best solution! Do you remember the scene in the movie?

  3. Heather Blanton said:

    I LOVE MYTHBUSTERS! I would ask them to try to prove/disprove the myth about certain plants that glow at night. My husband says he’s seen it, but I never have nor have I ever heard of anyone else who says they have.

  4. Erik Wittmer said:

    Myth Busters was introduced to me at the recent DEN Northeastern institue a few weeks ago. I have yet to catch an episode of the show but will be trying to catch one before heading back to school. That must have been so much fun meeting and hanging out with the show staff. Where do they get all of thier ideas would be the number one question I would ask the crew!

  5. Bobbi Korte said:

    OK! The Myth Busters are my favorite! So here is something I would like them to prove/disprove. Do beans really cause gas? Are they really the “musical fruit,” or are beans getting a bad rap?

  6. Marie Belt said:

    Enter me for the raffle!
    Here is a myth from a friend about curing hiccups…
    To cure hiccups, put a drop of bitters in soda water and drink it. Another hiccup cure: Hold your breath and drink 10 sips of water without stopping or breathing. Any other interesting hiccup cures out there?

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