Got Oxygen?!?!

Got_oxygen This had made me laugh so hard the other day.  I arrived home after a long week at NECC and was immediately taken back… or should I say up 12,300 feet up! 

A few weeks ago, I had the honor of attending TIE, Colorado’s State technology conference at the BEAUTIFUL Copper Mountain Resort.  I was having dinner with implementation rep Dan Walter one evening and asked why there weren’t any trees up on the mountain. Thankfully he was kind and didn’t make too much fun of me when he explained that trees don’t grow that high because of the elevation.  My response… if the trees can’t breathe here then why are we here?!?!?  So when I came home and found a package from Lin complete with a t-shirt and hat I had a great laugh!

Ski_lift_to_lunch View_from_lift Colorado definitely gets the prize for best ride to lunch… we got to take the ski lift up to the restaurant on top of the mountain. Special thanks to the great CO DEN for joining me for dinner and Jennifer Jensen for hosting a phenomenal session on unitedstreaming and DEN. 




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