Name this Myth….

Dsc03408Dsc03331 Dsc03329 Dsc03327  One of my most favorite parts of visting the set of the Myth Busters was walking around their warehouse and seeing signs of past myths.  Not only do you find them on the tables, but also sitting in corners on cabinets, in the planters outside and even hanging from the ceiling.  So, let’s make this post interactive… I’ll post the pictures… you see how many of the myths you can list and state whether it was "Confirmed" "Plausible" and "Busted"  I’ll wait 2 weeks to "publish" your comments so that way no one can cheat.  Then the winners will be entered to win a signed copy of their book.  So… Can you name these myths….

Dsc03289 Dsc03302 Dsc03306Dsc03309 Dsc03321 Dsc03332 Dsc03334 Dsc03336 Dsc03342 Dsc03368 Dsc03384 

Dsc03387 Dsc03400 Dsc03421_1 Dsc03433 Dsc03442 Dsc03445 Dsc03450 Dsc03451

Dsc03466 Dsc03467 Dsc03468 Dsc03471


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