Rock Our World: What's for Lunch?

Dsc03193What did you pack in your lunch today?  Vegemite and crackers? Chocolate Sandwiches?

Dsc03208Well the students of CA DEN member CarolAnne McGuire and PA DEN member Anne Reardon not only know what students in America pack for lunch, but also in Belgium, Italy, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, Peru, Israel, Japan, China.

Dsc03190 Rock Our World is a global collaborative project that connects students from 5 continents on a weekly basis through video conference. Together, they study a theme where they learn what makes their countries unique and similar. In addition to this, students create musical tracks using Garage Band.

Dsc03200The culminating event is centered around a family night where student’s did a taste test of dishes from around the world and met with their new friends thousands of a miles away once again.

Dsc03184Dsc03237. I had the pleasure of being live on their set as they filmed this incredible event. What impressed me most was that not only are the students involved but also their families… demonstrating the true power of bridging home and school.

These students are proving that is truly is a small world after all.

Stay tuned for their next project in collaboration with Discovery Education and NASA. For more information visit their website


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