South Florida is representing at the National Event

Dsc02006_1 After a week’s vacation in Jersey, I have had the privilege of being a small part of a huge DEN event this week, the National Leadership Conference!  South Florida is proud to have Carole Gooden (St. Lucie County) and Debbie Bohanan (Osceola County) represent us all in one of the most unique professional development opportunities ever. In fact, let’s let Carole and Debbie tell you in their own words.Carole_debbie_karen   Carole will go first.

Workshops and conferences are not new to me. After all, I have been in the business of education for over four decades. The Discovery Education Network National Leadership Conference, however, falls in a different category from anything I have ever participated in before. It was a truly humbling experience to be included in this gathering of outstanding educators from 21 different states. These were people who obviously had checked their egos in a bin somewhere, and had come to Discovery Communications headquarters in Silver Spring, Maryland, eager to learn new things, and anxious to share whatever knowledge they possessed. The technology expertise that was assembled in the room each day was, in a word, awesome! Topping it off, our hosts treated us like very honored and well respected guests.

Discovery Education had brought us together to build our skills in working with digital media, because they recognize that if we really want to educate our children for the 21st century, the old methods are no longer adequate for the task. It is imperative that we provide today’s students with updated tools and strategies to ensure that they will be able to function successfully in the global sandbox that this world has become.

Discovery must be commended for its willingness to invest financial and human resources in identifying, training, and supporting a nationwide cadre of educators to use the latest technologies to prepare our youth to take their rightful places in the 21st century. What a wonderful example of a corporation doing its part to make sure that, indeed, no child is left behind.

I am extremely grateful to have been invited to participate in the 2006 Discovery Education Network National Leadership Conference. The networking that I was able to do in four days was invaluable, as it allowed me to make connections with other educators from across the nation, that I would not otherwise have made. Additionally, I am eagerly anticipating the opportunities I will have to share with teachers in my district, the skills that I gained in the four wonderful days I spent in Silver Spring, Maryland.

Like every other member of the Discovery Educator Network who heard the keynote speech given by Alan November, one of the brightest minds in education in this country, I accept the challenge to do my part to ensure that we truly change the way we educate  youngsters so that they can be successful in the ever expanding global society in which we live.     Carole Gooden

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