Washington D.C.

We traveled a few nights ago on a "dusk" rather than moonlight tour of Washington D.C., and then we took another trip today.  What a great city full of total touristy treats!  I saw the Washington Monument, the newer World War II Memorial, and my personal favorite, the Lincoln Memorial.  I remember seeing it on my 8th grade trip to Washington D.C. with my fellow classmates.  It didn’t seem as big now as it did when I was 14.  The weather was quite hot and muggy and sprinkled a little on us today, but that didn’t stop us from walking across most of the mall.  (I keep forgetting there aren’t many stores at this mall :))  Oh yea, last night we were able to get to see the WORLD PREMIERE of the ATLAS REVEALED: CHINA – a new Discovery Channel feature to air this fall.  It was amazing in the HD Theater at Discovery Headquarters in Silver Spring.  I highly recommend this new series.  We all commented after about the connections we felt to the featured people of the country.  Can’t wait for the entire series!  And then we feasted on Chinese food!!!

Here are some pictures of Donna and Vicki on their trip to Roosevelt Island. 

Tr_island_thursday_150_sm Tr_island_thursday_152sm


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  1. Vicki Hart said:

    First of all I want to say “Thank You” to Discovery for treating us like kings and queens for a week, and Oprah moments as well! Washington D.C. was the most paramount week I have ever had for training. 🙂

    We had an extraordinary time learning new software, classroom integration ideas and making new friends. I am so inspired by what Alan November and Hall Davidson had to say to us as a group. It was wonderful to be in a room with such brilliant minds, the energy was amazing!

    Josh Wolff enthused all of us with his imaginative ideas on movie making. I learned some great tips on film making. We created an awe-inspiring movie that was a blast to make. While visiting Teddy Roosevelt Island all we did was sweat, get bitten by big mosquitoes, and have bloody noses it was one of the most memorable parts of the trip, a true bonding moment. It brought all of us closer to nature. 🙂 I was fortunate to have worked with some of the most gifted teachers in the United States.

    I also want to say thanks to Michelle (the most excellent DEN field manager) for inviting me to attend, it was really an honor! I know that I did not cry when she called, I was too much in shock that she wanted me… but I did cry (with laughter included) on the flight home Friday night as I watched the surprise video that Jeff created for our group. I am sure that Tim might have helped…we really bonded as a group. I have made new lifelong friends that will be there for support when I can not figure things out!

    I am no so eager to start working with my teachers in Keller so that they can start digital storytelling. I know that this is such a powerful tool.

    Thanks again to Discovery and everyone who helped plan the event! It was incredible….now I have to return to the reality of my real job!!! 🙂

  2. Donna K. Hill said:

    My experience with DEN and the National Conference is one I will never forget! In my almost 24 years in education, I’ve been to lots of conferences and had my share of professional development, and none can compare to this week in Silver Spring/Washington, D.C. with the Discovery Educator’s Network.

    The week was filled with information concerning new technologies from podcasting and blogging to movie making with PhotoStory and Premiere. The sharing and learning of this information was a true integration process. For those of you that know about “active learning,” this week followed that style. We learned how and why to use these programs and products in the classroom or for staff development. In teams, our mission was to create a project based on the theme “America Revealed.” Not only do I plan to stay in touch with the national DEN members, but especially my team. Vicki, Jeff, Carole, Tim, Jan, Dawn and our travel leader Matt are a group of very special people!!!

    The speakers for the week were Ron Reed and Coni Rechner from Discovery, who told us where DEN is and will be going; Steve Dembo with topics on podcasting and blogging; Hall Davidson on Digital Storytelling (variety and ways to use it); Josh Wolff “Discovery Educator Abroad” and Alan November, “world known futurist.”

    We were privileged to get a special viewing of an upcoming special on China. Discovery Network did an awesome job showing us what life is like in present day China. As I saw the way the people of China were moving forward especially in education, the hairs on my neck stood on end! It was a wonderful video, and there are more countries in the series. Look for the first one in September!

    All of this learning was exhilarating, but we all had a blast with the evening events and field trips. The evening events began Monday night when we all arrived. The “meet and greet” was so relaxing as each DEN field manager made sure we all met each other and felt at home. The next night we went on a Midnight Tour of Washington, D.C. There’s nothing like having a tour guide to show you the sights, which were stunning! Wednesday night was our special showing of the China film. I’m ready to do my part to get the USA back on top in education! Would you believe that Thursday night we went bowling? I need to practice, don’t I team?

    We ended Friday with the showcasing of our projects, thoughts on the weeks events, and sad good-byes to new friends. Once again, this was the best professional development I’ve ever had, and other companies and programs could take lessons.

    PS. Did I say the food was great?

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