Who is an Active DEN Member?

Sail Events and resources – it’s what truly makes us a community. We share ideas, tips of the day, knowledge at events while we network with other educators. Online we share resources, blog, communicate thoughts on the discussion boards. Your Discovery Educator Network in North Florida is only as strong as the participants.
So to encourage activity in the North Florida DEN, we are going to be running a new promotion. Ten lucky Discovery Educators from North Florida will have an opportunity to do something fun one Saturday in either October or November (that’s not baseball related).

Who will win breakdown:

  • The 5 educators that turn in the most events from now until September 30th (easy date to remember – my birthday).
  • I’m looking for the educator that shares the most approved resources on the Discovery Educator Network website from now until September 30th.
  • The other four? They will randomly be drawn from those who respond to the blogs between now and September 30th , upload resources, subscribe to the blog, or have turned in events. (So, yes, one event or blog comment will give you a chance to win!)

A chance to win what? I’m thinking a teambuilding sailing experience, hot air balloon ride, the 4960837 Pirate dinner Theater, experiences at Silver Springs, or something else fun. Haven’t decided yet. We’ll decide by the end of the month. You can get your first entry by commenting to this blog with ideas of what to win. It’s your contest, your community – tell me what you want! We’ll announce the prize by the end of July so you know what you might win.

Got some other news to announce, but we’ll save that for next week.
Download den_event_summary2.doc


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  1. Cheryl Woolwine said:

    Sounds like fun! What a way to start out the year! Can’t wait to get started! No matter what the prize it will be fun as DEN events always are!

  2. Brook Peabody said:

    I would love to have a hot air balloon ride with the sailing experience a close second. We need to step out of the box as educators once in a while.

  3. Nikki said:

    This sounds like so much fun. Great motivation to get us going to kick off a new school year! I have been to the Pirate Dinner theater and in my opinion it is the best dinner theater show I’ve been to. Very interactive. All the other things sound like fun too!

  4. Michele Futch said:

    It sounds like fun! I am always up for a challenge. I can handle any of the fun things to do, except for the hot air balloon ride. I am scared of heights.

    But, if that is what everyone else wants to do, that’s OK. I’ll film you from below and cheer you on!

    Michele Futch

  5. Tom Turner said:

    What about a trip to Silver Springs, MD and hanging out with other DEN members at DCI headquarters? Can I win that one? ;p

  6. Danielle Abernethy said:

    Okay, I’ll admit, I’m terrified of OPEN heights (love to fly – hate to look down over the balcony of a two story mall, and the walkway from the garage to the hotel in MD scares me). I am also a horrible swimmer and hate putting on swimsuits or the open seas. HOWEVER- if my DEN members want to go on the Hot Air Balloon Ride, I can sit on the floor of the basket and watch Monk on my iPod. If you want to go sailing, I can sit in the middle of the boat and find a job to do.

    As far as winning a trip to Silver Spring, MD -Tom Turner you already won that! I hope you had a great time and learned so much to share with your fellow teachers in Bartow and the rest of Polk County. This promotion though will give you a chance to hang with NORTH FLORIDA DEN members.

  7. DarleneWolfe said:

    After having been at the National Leadership Conference, I would like to win a private (or small group) lesson on some of the resources I have yet to master. Looking forward to seeing folks at the Back to School Bash as well as sharing our skills on-line and in-person.

  8. Kay Teehan said:

    Hot air balloon? Sounds like great fun to me. The pirate dinner theater sounds like a special treat also.

  9. Christine Brink said:

    Ahoy Mates. I am new to DEN and and a virgin blogger! Excited to be apart of such a cool group. I vote Pirates since I am one. (Mascot of Matanzas High School in Flagler County). Looking forward to pilfering some great ideas aboard SS DEN! Would love feedback on how DEN has helped you? As well as how I can best help those in my growing county.

  10. Autumn said:

    Calling all Polk primary teachers….come on girls and guys. We are all about fun! These ideas sound great. Why settle for just one????

  11. Tom Turner said:

    Welcome to the DEN Christine!!!! You are now a member of “THE” BEST DEN there is! I’m a little biased of course ;p

  12. Nathan Guteraws said:

    Welcome Christine, and yes Amber I am home blogging, since the school’s webfilter blocks this site. I am still a ten month teacher, so I am technically on vacation until Aug. 1st. The new United Streaming features are way cool.

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