Guest Blogger: Tom Turner

100_0332Here we are at the end of a great week of fun and learning with Discovery Education. I first have to say a big ‘THANK YOU’ to Discovery Education for putting this Leadership Conference together. To the left, this is a picture of our North Florida DEN Manager, Danielle Abernethy, Darlene Wolfe from Ocoee High School and myself. We’re showing our "STARS" of learning from the week.

As I look back and reflect on the experience, I’m very appreciative for the benefits of a wonderful Social network of people we as educators have at our disposal. I urge each and every DEN Tom_team member to reach  out and use each other as a valuable resource that not only enhances your skills as a teacher but the knowledge and skills your students will gain.

I cannot say how lucky I am to have had the chance to both get to know Hall Davidson and listen to him speak. WHAT a dynamic speaker he is! His passion and dedication to the advancement of Hall_2 technology in education and to help make our jobs as teachers every little bit easier is so evident. IF you have never had the chan ce to see him in person, please look out for him if he is speaking anywhere. It is well worth it. He shared with us the many applications of digital storytelling in our classrooms. He described the basic KISS method for using digital media with our students. Plan accordingly and set up kits of digital media for the students to choose from to help streamline the process. One great tool he shared with us was Kitzu that has prepackaged digital kits from across the curricular spectrum. Hall has MANY tools to aid you in building your own digital kits on his website.

November We also had the opportunity on Thursday to listen to Alan November speak. He tasked us to become 100_0234_1 active in our role as digital educators and to get the word out to our colleagues, administrations and politicians that the digital world is a VERY important component to our instructional needs. More information can be found about Alan at his website.

And at last we shared our presentations and digital stories with each other. The Ron most important thing that I took from this week was the MANY new friendships that I forged with fellow colleagues and DEN managers. These new connections, along with United Streaming Video and the DEN resources on the internet, will play an important role in my classroom for the years to come. I guess in closing, a very big THANK YOU to Discovery Education from the students’ lives I 189166395_6928768270_m will affect thanks to you.

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  1. Autumn said:

    Wow, Tom! Sounds like you had a great time……..

  2. Michele Futch said:

    Thanks for sharing with us Tom. I can tell you had a great experience and learned a lot!

    I hope to meet you at a DEN event soon. Maybe I’ll see you at the Devil Rays game?

  3. Tom Turner said:

    I shall be at the Friday event Michele. I do believe you were just on the webinar that we had.

    And Autumn, we had a BLAST up there. The group I was with well…just think of the Microsoft group and how much fun we had together. It was that x 10!

  4. Nathan Guteras said:

    What a great time of learning. Thank you for sharing your blog with us. Well I am taking UCF’s Reading Endoresment class online for Module 2 (FOR-PD), so I better get back to that site.

  5. LaQuita Hutchinson said:

    I really enjoyed reading your comments. Please know that I share your excitement.

  6. Debbie Bohanan said:

    I enjoyed meeting you at the NLC and look forward to seeing you at the ball game. We learned so much during our week in Silver Spring. I can’t wait to share it my fellow teachers.

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