One of the special treats the DEN National Attendees received was a sneak peek at the new series for Discovery HDTV. Who else has HDTV? I just got it, and I’ll admit – I don’t have much time for tv. My dad really enjoys it though and my son is hoping a great shark show will be on soon.

The DEN attendees would like to throw a party for the premier of this series. It is going to be an awesome series that I’m just going to have to TIVO. (Learned how to do that recently!) One has to be in Orlando because we have a special guest attending. The other will probably be held in Tallahassee area. I need a volunteer to help plan it. Due to scheduling, it will probably be the post party the first week of October. Any volunteers in that area? Basically you’ll find a great Chinese place for us to eat (Dena knows a great one) and schedule a space for us.

Who wants to get us a HDTV donated to give away? My budget just won’t buy one. Sorry Tom. I can give away some simple and fun prizes for culture resources and maybe a culture digital story.


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  1. Michele Futch said:

    Is Dena from Tally? If so, I’d be glad to help her host and schedule a meeting, if she’d like?

  2. ctrutledge said:

    Shark Week starts next week on Discovery Channel- also check out Discovery & Beyond for great Shark clips- (my son loves Sharks too)

  3. Nathan Guteras said:

    My calendar is already filling up. Wow HDTV quality. What will the students expect next theater style seats? I think it is great we are providing current resources for students to have some real authentic learning experiences using United Streaming. Some DVD titles or gift cards for Discovery Store for classroom use would be nice, expcially when the internet conenction drops suddenly.

  4. Tom Turner said:


    My will shall be done at some point. I will get a HDTV out of you yet!! Well, I would settle for that HD theater we sat in last week too, but hey, I’m not picky am I?

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