Guest Blogger: Michele Futch, 1 of 10 winners for the DEN NECC Resource Promotion

Necc_2006WOW! NECC and San Diego? I don’t know where to start? What an awesome experience! There are no words to describe how wonderful this event was. What I learned from this event, is beyond words. It is one of those things that you had to be there, to understand. Take a hint from me, don’t miss out next year. Put NECC 2007 in Atlanta on your calendar!

We started off Tuesday night, July 4th, with a fantastic fireworks show on the Harbor. According to the AOL website, this particular fireworks show, is rated the 6th in the nation. It was truly phenomenal!

While I was at the Convention Center Tuesday night, I ran into my buddies from the SouthEast Regional DEN Event in Atlanta. Who did I see there…. But, Mrs. Georgia, Cynthia Rutledge and Mrs. Alabama, Pam, and her trusty side-kick, Jr. Mrs. Alabama, Sharon Sizemore! Imagine that? Seriously, it was great to see everyone again!

I also met several of the other NECC Winners. Linda Rush, from Texas, was like our Social Committee Chairman. She is awesome! She is so organized. She helped us get to where we needed to be the next day and kept us going all week. She had done her homework and knew where all the great places to be were. Thank you Linda!!!

Wednesday morning, we met in the lobby and met all the NECC winners. Then, we headed over to the Convention Center. I was there with over 4,000 people from all over the USA and other countries. I met people from Rhode Island, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, and lots of other states. I met Administrators, Media Specialists, Super Tech people, and Educators, like myself. Every time I met someone new, I promoted and  shared with them how great the DEN was and what it meant to me. I don’t think I met a single person that didn’t stop by the booth to check out United Streaming and to find out what the DEN was all about! I can’t help but be excited when I really know and believe in a product! I am SOLD on DEN and United Streaming. I firmly believe, it is one of the best things that has been offered to Educators, in a long time!!!

While at NECC, Cynthia Rutledge and I stumbled into a presentation by the Baseball Hall of Fame. It was a great presentation. We had a live Webinar with a staff member at the Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, NY. They have a 13 group module of how to tie in Baseball with various subjects in the classroom. They have Baseball Card pictures of the old players to go with each unit. The first unit is on American History, it has a picture of Joe Jackson in his White Sox Uniform from the era.  There are units to do with your class on Character, Math, Science, Technology, History and many more subjects. I could go on and on. But, you will just have to check out the website for yourself at

Wednesday afternoon, the 10 NECC Winners met at the Omni for a meeting with all the people from the DEN Staff. These are the people we have heard about and seen pictures of. But, never had the chance to meet! I met Betsy Whalen and Steve Dembo. I got to see Scott Kinney and Katherine Aiken again. I met people from the DEN Marketing Department and lots of others that are working hard behind the scenes. We had a meeting to discuss what was working for us, what needed improvement, and to talk about where we were headed in the future. It was wonderful meeting with everyone sharing ideas. Thanks DEN Staff for all you have done and continue to do to make our program the VERY BEST!!! 

Wednesday, we headed over to PETCO Stadium, for dinner in the Clubhouse. We met lots of new DEN members there. We had an extensive tour of the stadium and were told of the history behind it. We had a turn in the Batting Cages with the Padres Pitchers pitching the ball to us! Several of us were ready for the Major Leagues after our turn in the Cages. (LOL!)

This is just a little bit about the things we did at NECC. I hope you have enjoyed my Recap of the first day at NECC?

I had a wonderful time! See you in Atlanta next year!

Michele Futch


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  1. MDKing said:

    What a very positive recap. Every one who attended would have to agree the experience was one in a life time. Thank you for your positive words.

  2. ctrutledge said:

    It was great reading your comments.
    It sure would not have been fun without you your crew!

  3. Nathan Guteras said:

    Glad you had a good time at NECC. Sounds like the students have many more resources that you will be sharing with them. I hope to make it to Atlanta NECC next summer. Nathan Guteras

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