Myth Busted: Discovery Health

I know, I just posted so why am I back again? Because in my last post about sharks I mentioned that you could hold an event on shark diets and tie in Discovery Health and count it as an event. Well a DEN member just emailed me and said she  thought it was a myth that Discovery Health events could count on her reports. 

Dhc20posrbgMyth Busted! If it’s a Discovery event, it can count. If you are using Discovery Health Education, hold an event with 3 or more people (training, sharing of ideas, etc.) then you can report it to me. If you hold a Cosmeo event to launch it in your school, then you can add that as an event. If it is related to one of our school services then report it to me. If I can count it to my boss, I promise-  I’ll be adding it!

As a matter of fact, how many of you know that Discovery Health Education Connection has it’s own blog? It’s maintained by Bob Patterson. At times I’ll check the blog to see what’s new, to see who’s commenting, and take note if they are North Florida DEN members. So why not subscribe to his blog (and mine if you haven’t already) and keep up to date on what’s going on with Discovery Health. Bob’s a great guy – I’m sure he’d love some comments on his blog from some of our great Floridian Educators!

Oh, and don’t forget to document those events. Add them to the calendar, send me the form and win prizes for being an active DEN member!

Download den_event_summary2.doc


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  1. Bob Patterson said:

    Thank you Danielle! I have done several trainings in Florida, and have met some of the most dedicated teachers in the country. I want my blog to be a meeting place for Discovery Health Connection users, where we can share ideas, and discover new ways of using the vast content in DHC. Our new version of DHC will be up sometime in early October, and that would be a great time to discuss the changes!

  2. Danielle Abernethy said:

    Let me know when! We’ll do a launch party. Maybe towards Tallahassee since we did the unitedstreaming launch party in Orlando.

  3. Michele Futch said:

    Count me in! I’m sure this will be a wonderful new addition.

  4. Christine Brink said:

    Thanks for the Discovery Health info. Just found out I will be teaching Anatomy and Physiology for the first time so I’m gonna need all the resources I can find!

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