Shark Week

Back in February I had the pleasure of joining some Putnam educators for lunch at a place called Gator Landing. I was EXHAUSTED from PETE&C, a delayed plane and only 2 hours sleep before I had to head to Putnam. I was doing the best I could on little sleep and I think the conversation was jumping from one topic to the next, and somehow we got on the topic of gators and sharks. I mentioned that my son loves sharks, and hammerhead sharks are his favorite. One of the ladies told me to look up and above me was this hammerhead shark above my head. I freaked and had a hard time finishing my delicious lunch.

Sharkweek I mention this because Discovery Channel is hosting Shark Week starting July 30th. Think of the events: Taking a bite out of unitedstreaming! You can even hold a Discovery Health Event and compare the diets of sharks to the diets of humans. The resources that could be created around this topic could end up filling up the jaws of a great white! (not that I’m willing to test it).

Turn in those events in. As a matter of fact, I have a shark worthy prize to give away the first week of August for any Discovery Health or unitedstreaming events documented in honor of Discovery’s Shark Week. And check out their website for shark week. Some great resources, games and more!


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  1. Danielle Abernethy said:

    Yep Aaron, it’s from flick’r. But it didn’t have your logo by it. I’m not sure who’s it was, just that it was in the stash from Den National.
    Everyone, we’ve been trying to post our pictures up to flickr.

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