More photos than you can shake a NECC at

You want photos of the National Leadership Conference?  Boy have we got some for you!  We asked everybody who was taking photos of the conference and uploading them to Flickr to tag them with "NLC06".  And wow, did they ever…

If you search for NLC06 on Flickr, you’ll find a whopping 798 photos right now.  That’s right, a hair under 800.  Funny thing is that there were about 70 people there.

What I find really interesting is that if you do a search for NECC06 on Flickr, which was the generally agreed upon tag, you’ll find 749 photos!  Last I checked, NECC had more than 70 people there.

Pretty astonishing if you think about it!


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  1. Kim Randall said:

    And I’ve got several more to add to the NLC06 tag! I accidentally went over my flickr limit this month (images were too large, oops), so come beginning of Aug. we’ll have over 800! 🙂 (How did we have time to take so many pics?)

  2. Aaron Smith said:

    There was actually more than one person at the NLC who started Flickr accounts for the first time during that week. How many people who attended NECC could say that?

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