We Won!

It was a day for winners in St. Petersburg, FL! The attendees for the regional and national institutes presented the various topics that they learned to the Florida DEN members at our Back to School 100_0406 Bash held at the Devil Rays Stadium before the game.  Everyone won at least one small doorprize, and then 2 big prizes – a weekend trip to Orlando and a projector – were given away to two very lucky DEN Members. Prizes were also given away for the best Digital Story on Devil Rays (a three way tie for first) and for the best Devil Ray resource. Cecelia Solomon also received her big prize of a Podcasting Package for her "Tip a Day in May" Winning.

100_0426aAfter the wonderful sessions, we all had an opportunity to go to the brand new Devil Ray touch tank, enjoy some great baseball food and network in the stands. Winning continued with the Devil Rays blasting away that other team. (We defeated the Orioles. Not the cookie, but the bird. Joey thought they were the Oreos.)

But in all honesty, I think the biggest winner tonight was me. I am honored that I have been given the opportunity with some of the best educators in the Nation. Your dedication and passion for our young students is simply inspiring. And while I might be a bit biased, I think we have some great DEN members in Florida! That goes for the South Florida DEN Members as well. You always add extra joy to any event that DEN holds. I always enjoy hanging out with all of you. Thank you for making my job fun and exciting.

Stay tuned for a list of all the websites and resources that we shared during this event. They will be posted, hopefully by Monday. (Presenters, start sending me those links you kept dropping!) We’ll also share some of the pictures that were snapped. OH! And we have decided to share in more depth what we learned through some webinars. So presenters, decide when you’d like to host your hour long session so we can get them scheduled!

Hope everyone makes it home safely. Time to crash on my end. G’night!


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  1. Tom Turner said:

    You are honestly TOO kind to us Danielle. What makes us really ‘the BEST’ DEN members is having “THE BEST” DEN manager leading us along the way!

  2. Cheryl Woolwine said:

    Thanks Danielle, but I agree with TOM – we have the best DEN Manager to show us the way. You go out of your way to get us together so we can network with each other!
    I had a ball in St. Pete – and not just at the game,(although that was a lot of fun) meeting new DEN friends and sharing new information was awesome! Thanks

  3. Michele Futch said:

    The “Back to School Bash” was awesome! We had the best time! Thanks Danielle for knowing how to throw a great party! Looking forward to our next event!!!

    And as a Special Bonus, the Devil Rays won! The Baseball game was so much fun!

    Here is your Baseball Trivia Tip for the day. In the movie, “The Rookie,” Dennis Quaid’s character, Jimmy Morris,actually played for the Devil Rays for 2 years.

  4. Nathan Guteras said:

    I can’t wait to show my students how much fun I had at Tropicana Stadium with the ball field and stingrays. I plan to use Microft’s Photostory to introduce Digital Story Telling and citations useinghte “new” United Streaming features shared at the training session for use with photos and clip art. Thanks for the improvememts to the interface. Now I wish I had a larger badnwidth at my school to support all the ideas floating around.

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