Shopping Trip Tips!

Yesterday my son and I went to his favorite store that sells a lot of shark stuff – the Discovery Channel Store in Orlando. I needed to buy the prize for those who turn in events during Shark Week (unitedstreaming or Discovery Health related) and I promised him a prize too. I learned some interesting things while in the store.

Dcitnlogo First, teachers get 15% off all year long for personal and school related purchases. So you don’t have to wait for the Teacher Appreciation Week to get a percentage off, Discovery appreciates you all year long. Second, if you sign up for a Passport account, you can use that online or in the store, still get your discount, and earn gift cards back! Oh, and the Passport account is FREE!

Just wanted to pass that tip along! Teachers always need a break! Don’t forget to record all events for your chance to win a fun Shark Week prize. I’m sure there are a lot of back to school events going on that you can record.


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