DEN Heads Back to the Beach

Dsc03517Our 1st Beach Party was such a hit, we decided to schedule another one! 

What: DEN Beach Bon Fire

Where: Bolsa Chica Beach… Near Life Guard Stand 26

Dsc03551When: Friday, August 25th

  Time: 6:30 p.m.

Bring your family and friends for a DEN Beach Cookout and Bon Dsc03585Fire.  The Grunion are also expected to run on that night… so we may even have a few fishy friends! I’ll bring the hamburgers and hotdogs.. you bring a dish to share (fruit, chips, dessert, etc).

To RSVP for this event post a comment here…


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  1. martinkat said:

    The Martin family from SVUSD will be at the beach! There are four of us.
    Looking forward to it!

  2. Genny Kahlweiss said:

    Genny and Juergen Kahlweiss will be able to attend and can’t wait to learn about the new Smore. We will bring some firewood and food too.

  3. Bev said:

    I will be coming with few other Dorothy Grant people.Can’t wait to enjoy an evening at the beach.
    Bev Matheson

  4. Jeanne Morris said:

    I will be dragging my 2 kids away from that evil summer vacation X-Box frenzy. Count us in. That makes 3 more!

  5. Joann van der Putten said:

    I will be there! I had such a good time at the last one
    Joann v.d.P.

  6. Summer Etter said:

    Sounds great and close by! It’s my birthday week as well!! I’ll bring my Jr. Lifeguard to keep an eye on all of us!

  7. Marie Belt said:

    Sounds great! We will try to get a group from Dorothy Grant to attend. A few of us are into cycling and plan to bring our bikes along for a relaxing ride. Any one like to join us?

  8. Sarah Johangiry said:

    I, my husband, and my two children will be attending this event. I can’t wait to see everyone!

  9. Karen Green said:

    My family of 5 will attend – the girls are excited to finally see grunion! May be a bit late since soccer practice goes til 5:30 … we’ll see =)

  10. Judy Lieb said:

    Hey Jannita! My husband and I will be there with Shark songs!! Don’t give me no sharks…..
    Judy Lieb

  11. Cristina Soto said:

    I plan to attend the beach party (hopefully with my sister and little nephew).
    Thanks for the invitation!

  12. Brett Harvey said:

    Will try to get my wife out after her first day back on track. Looking forward to some more beach biking.

  13. Carol Anne said:

    Count us in for five! I’m bringing my Mother-In-Law from Kansas who LOVES the beach… and you too, Miss Jannita!

  14. Marie Belt said:

    I am RSVPing for 4 people for Friday evening…Looking forward to it!

  15. Judy Williams said:

    HI! I see some familiar names that are going to the big event on Friday and I would love to be a part of it. It is actually my anniversary, but my hubby has to work at Disneyland, so figured I might as well do something fun for me!!!

    I will bring 2 of my friends.

    Thanks for working so hard on getting this special event! Will there be sharks??


  16. Sarah Johangiry said:

    Hi! I am RSVP for Jaime Saunders and possibly her husband. Her email is down. We can’t wait! It is going to be a blast!

  17. Stacy Harrell said:

    My husband and I will be there with bells on. We can’t wait for our first beach bash!

  18. Katie Warren said:

    Hi, Jannita,
    I’m teaching ’til 3 so the bike ride is probably out, but my hubby and I will join you for BBQ and grunion. Looking forward to see my Shamu pod again!

  19. Ray Waller said:

    Yeah…more smores and more DEN good times. Just the boost we need to get ready for the new school year. I think I’ll ge tto bring my whole family of 4 this time. Everyone is in town.

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