Shark Week Promises to be Fin-tastic!

I want your input on something…  First of all, how many of you are familiar withMike1_vzoom the Discovery show, "Dirty Jobs"?  What do you think of the host, Mike Rowe?   If you are a fan (yep, me too!) you might find it interesting to know that Mike lives RIGHT HERE in Northern California!!!  Given that Mike and I both work for Discovery, and we both live here in NorCal, don’t you think he should be a pal and come to one of our rockin’ DEN events?  I’d think he would enjoy a little Caribbean cooking at our upcoming "Jamaic-an-Take at the Culinary Institute of Monterey" at the end of August.  Some spice, some steel drums, some spicy-steel-Mike-Rowe-muscles…  sounds like a party to me!  Maybe if enough of us post a comment here Discovery will work some of its Jamaican mojo and make it happen!Bitesizedpieces_2

Oh well, if he can’t join us, then we’ll just have to join him for a week of fun on the Discovery Channel.  Mike is this year’s host of Discovery’s Shark Week. We don’t mess around when it comes to our Shark Week!  Check out these pictures of the Discovery Headquarters in Silver Spring, Maryland.       

Sharkheadbeingraised2_2Grab your SCUBA gear, a bucket of popcorn, and hit the couch because Discovery Channel’s SHARK WEEK returns for its 19th year on Sunday, July 30th at 9 PM (ET/PT.) We won’t need to do any channel surfing this week!



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  1. Scott Johnson said:

    That would be AWESOME! There is no bigger fan of Dirty Jobs than yours truly. It would be great if he could attend one of our events. Or better yet, maybe we could attend a taping of one of his shows if he films one up here in our area. DEN and Discovery Channel rocks!

  2. Suz said:

    Hey Scott! Can you think of any dirty jobs here in northern California (that are clean enough to write about on our blog?) The show takes viewer suggestions.

  3. Diana Kenney said:

    I agree that Mike owes the Nor Cal DEN a visit in Monterey especially since we miss seeing him nightly on Evening Magazine. Since he’s left I haven’t watched it once! Looking forward to Monterey on the 26th!

  4. Scott Johnson said:

    Hey Susan. I’m sure we can find a dirty job in our area somewhere. Especially since we have a large amount of dairy and agriculture. I have been to a few dairies and seen some pretty dirty jobs. I will ask around and post something here and on the Dirty Jobs web site. Watch out. I’m on a mission!

  5. Kim R said:

    Shark week is awesome, I’m watching right now! We definitely should get Mike Rowe to join one of our events!

  6. Danielle Abernethy said:

    You know Susan, I think that would make a great Dirty Jobs episode. DEN teachers cooking up something other than technology fun? With lots of spices? Do you need any help from your East Coast pal? I’ll leave the shark we saw last week here though. That would be TOO dirty for me to try to catch it and bring it to you for your event. 🙂 CA DEN ROCKS!

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