Well it begins. Today is the start of Shark Week on the Discovery Channel. I’m learning to look at 32490776these things without cringing. For some they are misunderstood creatures of the sea. To me – they are ferocious animals. I don’t think I’ve misunderstood their abilities. I even took the quiz on Cosmeo  and have the certificate to prove it. Download shark_certificate.pdf Joey had to keep saying, "Watch the video mommy. Stop being afraid!" but I did get through it. Who else dares to take the quiz?

This is also the start of teachers returning back to school after a summer of Jobs100_1professional development, and hopefully some rest. I remember feeling like I was being attacked, by a shark, those first few days with all sorts of meetings and trainings. Plenty of back to school sessions have been planned, and I want to make sure that everyone remembers to report their events. If you were an National or Regional Institute attendee and you share your experience with 3 or more colleagues, that’s an event. Share something you learned at another DEN event or show the faculty the new unitedstreaming and you can claim that as an event. Kathleen in Leon County did just that by sharing podcasting, which she learned about at our Back to School Bash, with educators in her county! Are you setting aside time to review the curriculum? Will you be sharing integration of unitedstreaming (or Discovery Heatlh) ideas as Tom Turner in Polk County has scheduled? If so, report it and win!

I wish my event for Calhoun County teachers (who already reported back) could let me win. I was one away from the Magic Number – 400. Instead, Michele Futch made sure her events were in on time and she just posted the 400th event on the North Florida DEN log. WAY TO GO MICHELE! She wins a special prize to help her get ready for back to school.

In honor of Shark Week we have a special prize to give away for all of those who report an event. My son personally picked the prize out at the Discovery Store. These will also count towards our race to 500. (I feel like we’re announcing a race in Daytona.) They will also count towards our drawing for the 10 DEN members to attend a special event. Email me your events each week for your chance to win!Download event_documentation.xls


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  1. Michele Futch said:

    Thanks for coming to Calhoun County. The teachers that were able to grasp the technology will enjoy using it in the classroom. I know the teachers at Blountstown Elementary School used it a lot last year. Some of our teachers we’ll have to work with them one-on-one to get them to use it. They are just not used to using technology or are scared of it.

    Thanks for the great prize. I am proud to be #400. We’ll keep working for the magical #500 for our DEN LEADER….THE BEST EVER!!!

  2. Cheryl Woolwine said:

    Wish I was into sharks but I don’t even like the movie JAWS. I did look at the schedule though and it sounds great. I am sure there will be some great events posted in honor of. Actually, I plan to be on vacation next week and now thanks to shark week I am not going near the beach! I look forward to reading about some of the events and activites held in honor of shark week – good luck and have fun everyone!

  3. Wendy Norton said:

    I had to try the Shark week quiz at Cosmeo it is really a cool website and so interactive how can kids not like it. Well I got a certificate too, what fun.

  4. Cheryl Woolwine said:

    Well, I had to see what I was missing! So I also completed the shark quiz on Cosmeo and I also earned the certificate! Very Cool -I didn’t realize I knew so much about sharks! The videos were pretty yucky though!

  5. Nathan Guteras said:

    The Shark quiz was fun. Thanks for posting the link. The Cosmeo videos are really high quality as well.

  6. Nathan Guteras said:

    The Shark quiz was fun. Thanks for posting the link. The Cosmeo videos are really high quality as well.

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