Surviving with Discovery

Are you ready for the onslaught of children? Are your lesson plans prepared? Room fully decorated? (My favorite room decoration was my Michael Jordan poster, which I plan to hang in my office next to the "Think Outside the Shell" poster from the unitedstreaming Poster Contest.)

How many of you are preparing training events for your teachers and could use a few tips? Well you are in luck! DEN Members have requested the Tip a Day to be repeated with the new unitedstreaming and so we are going to do one better. In May the tips were from the East Coast DEN Managers. In August, your Back To School: Surviving with Discovery Tips will be from North Florida DEN Members! Each DEN member who submits a tip (new features in unitedstreaming, integration ideas, Discovery Health tips, training ideas, etc )that makes it to the posting will have a chance to win a Discovery Education Prize.

And if you share these tips with your peers, document it with me – you have a chance to win a Discovery Education Prize too. Share the knowledge, win a prize! The sharing cannot be via email, it must be an actual event. Three or more teachers at lunch, before school, in a faculty meeting, in the hallway during duty, in an actual training………you get the idea.

I’d like to offer the first tip, even though I don’t qualify for the prizes. Check out Discovery Educator Abroad and follow Florida’s lucky winner, Penelope Crawford (Media Specialist/Teacher, Everglades School, Collier CPSD), on her adventures in Africa. Share these adventures with your students when studying geography or culture. Then have the students watch videos from Cosmeo and write their own "web-log" adventure as if they were joining Penelope and the other DEN members on this fascinating trip.

Stay tuned for the next Back to School: Surviving with Discovery Tips, coming soon from a Discovery Educator Network member near you.


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