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Dynamic_den_deals "I’ve created a monster!"  I must have said that everyday for the last month of the Dynamic DEN Deal days of summer.  In South Florida, teacher workdays have begun or will begin very soon and that means the end of the Dynamic DEN Deal!  This crazy contest ran from June 1st until midnight July 31st. When I planned this DEAL, I was hoping to encourage, empower and equip our South Floridians to stay active in the hazy, hot days of summer.  I offered $1, $5, $10 and $20 DEN Dynamic_den_dollardollars specials for such activity as posting to blogs, doing NEW unitedstreaming events, subscribing to this blog and more.  I thought it would be great if teachers earned Dynamic_den_deals2$10 or even $20 DEN dollars during the summer and could not believe the monster I created with good old-fashioned competition.  I have two of the most competitive DEN members ever and they literally went back and forth for 1st place everyday for the last few weeks earning over $600 each!  It was a nail biting experience as these wild and crazy ladies jostled for position right up to midnight July 31st. Once it was apparent that there was a 1st place winner, I racked my brain for a way to help both of them out somehow.  With 1st place being just a hair ahead of the 2nd, I’ve crown my Dynamic DEN champs as 1st place and 1st place "once removed!"

Congratulations to Debbie Bohanan,Debbieprojector 1st place, whom we have renamed Debbie Discovery or DD for short and Wendy Norton, our 1st place "once removed" winner.  DD is surrounded by some of her buddies on their first day back to school at Reedy Creek Elementary with her very own projector!  Wendy, from Bellalago Academy, is the proud owner of an incredible mp3 player from the Discovery store that not only plays music, it has an AM/FM radio, displays photos and most importantly has an audio recorder for Wendypodcastpodcasting.  Wendy is very excited to start recording her students’ narrations to be place over unitedstreaming editable clips.

I must say I was very impressed that 48 South Florida DEN members stayed active this summer and I owe t-shirts or personalized bag tags to each of you!  However, with a 1st place and 1st place "once removed" finished that leaves 2nd place to Mark Hall at St. Cloud High School, 2nd place "once removed" to Sylvia Vigo-Smith at Bellalago Academy, 3rd place to Fotini Guzman at Pleasant Hill Elementary and 3rd place "once removed" to Lee Kolbert, Technology Specialist for Palm Beach County Schools.

You are an amazing network of teachers, South Florida.  I’m looking forward to serving and sharing with you this new school year.

Ubiquitous1_7 As always, I am
Ubiquitously yours,


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  1. Debbie Bohanan said:

    What an amazing summer! I can’t believe how much time I spent working with the DEN in just two months. It was incredible to log 652 points in 61 days! Summer is over and I really only had 4 days off in a row! Good thing I love technology and learning. It was an enjoyable experience and I have learned more than I ever thought possible.

    The DEN is so much more than just streaming videos. This is a wonderful network and I look forward to collaborating with you throughout the coming year.

    Wendy, you are a great competitor. Congratulations! You deserve to win a great prize for all your hard work. I know you will put the mp3 player to good use. I can’t wait to hear your podcasts!

    Thank you Karen for being such a great motivator. I look forward to getting some sleep now that the contest is over. Have a great year and I am anxiously awaiting the next competition!

  2. Fotini said:

    Congratulations to both #1 winners. 652 points!! Do we need to create a United Streaming Anonymous.

  3. Debbie Bohanan said:

    Is their such a program as unitedstreaming annonymous???

    The contest has been over for four days and I am suffering withdrawl symptoms!!! Somebody save me. I need a new contest or therapy.

  4. Debbie Bohanan said:

    My brain has turned to mush! I can’t even spell anonymous correctly today. Somebody save me!!!!!

  5. Danielle Abernethy said:

    Here to the rescue Debbie……enjoy Donavan this weekend and I’ll meet you on Monday. I have a project for you if you’re interested. 🙂 Hey Karen, can I borrow Debbie? I’ll take Wendy, Jonathan, and a few others of yours too. 🙂

  6. Karen Seddon said:

    Danielle, mi casa es tu casa! Debbie, Wendy, Jonathan, and the whole South Florida crew all love you and your cool ideas. You’ll never need to borrow us. We are yours always! So when I borrow Brooke, Darlene, Tom, Cheryl and Virginia, we’ll just have to have one great big Florida DEN party!

  7. Debbie Bohanan said:

    I am always willing to work with you, Danielle! Even though Discovery divided us into North and South, we are just one big happy family. I am at your service.

  8. wendy norton said:

    Thank you Karen, I enjoyed the contest and look forward to the next DEN adventure. Thanks to for my new ZEN machine and the USB hub it will make the classroom even more exciting. Danielle, I am at your service.

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