Survivor Tip #1

Surviving Tip #1 from David O’Neal in Hernando County.

Do you have a Slower computer that gives you trouble when you are trying to Play (Stream) a video? If so I have the solution for you.

Log into unitedstreaming. Once you have logged into unitedstreaming click on Preferences at the top of the screen.

PreferencesThen scroll down to the bottom of the screen and you will find a Media Settings section. By default it has selected "Embedded in Web Browser" and not "Stand-Alone Application".

Change the selection to " Stand-Alone Application".

What this does is when you go to view a video it will open it up in either Windows Media Player or Quicktime (depending on your preferences) Mediasettings instead of opening in the Internet Explorer. This is helpful because it takes less system resources to openMediasettings_1
by its self then to open up in Internet Explorer. Don’t forget to save the changes!

And don’t forget to share this tip, document it, and report it back to Danielle for the chance to win a Discovery Education Suvival Pack!

Download event_documentation.xls

***Disclaimer: I was excited over this tip because back home we had pathetically slow computers in our elementary school. Our survivor tip was to download. So I checked with Implementation and the rep that I talked to could not find any proof of this. I asked what was the point in a seperate player and he said it use to be for controls, to allow people to stop, rewind, and pause the movie. That’s now built in to the new unitedstreaming. However, David was a technician before he became a Technology Coordinator at a school. So can someone tell me to verify this information? It’s worth a 128 usb drive. Just leave the comments below.


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  1. Tracie Belt said:

    I thought David’s tip on how to stream videos faster was excellent. We have had that problem at our school. I read the disclaimer and will have to try it when I get to school tomorrow.

  2. Nathan Guteras said:

    Yes the setting changes work. Before that step make sure you have the latest players installed on your computers. for Shochwave and Flash… for Java… and for Quicktime Microsoft has a few security updates and patches for their Media Play for Windows uses. Having the player open stand alone, also allowes you to view FULL SCREEN or at least 2x which is nice in the classroom setting. We uses our lab with United Streaming and SMARTER’s Synchroneyes to show content all at the same time.( *My Tip)

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