Let Ten Thousand URL’s Bloom

The power of community is felt in shared resources.  We are collecting the best teaching and learning web sites.  Thank you if you have sent us your favorite sites. We have nearly two thousand now— but we want more! A quick search for education resources shows nearly two billion sites they are out there.  If each DEN member sends us ten websites, we will have a tremendous list. 

If you have collected favorite sites as bookmarks, in Explorer, you can go to File>Import and Export and create a file with all your sites.  Send us the file and we’ll add them to the list. 

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Or you can copy and paste the web addresses (the URL) directly from the browser window into Word.  Then send the DEN the Word doc.
PS We don’t want lists from other compilations, we want sites from you!

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Send your list to debbie_caniza@discovery.com with subject line “URL project”. The top URL hunter-gatherers will be listed on the blogsite.  Be there!


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One Comment;

  1. Ed Warkentin said:

    Here are my two delicious accounts.
    The first is general, focusing on educational technology, but many other educational resources are there, too.

    The other is specifically for math. Actually, I’ve made it particularly useful for anyone using the McDougal-Littel Course 1 math textbook.

    I know this isn’t the format the post called for, but I hope they’re helpful!

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