Ready for the Attack

Don’t forget to turn in your events for the Shark week drawing! We had a few DEN members who went back through their calendar and found some events that they forgot to document. You can still turn these in. We have ten people entered so far for the Shark Week Prize, and a total of 75 events that were turned in. Again, some of those are old events that are just now getting documented – which is fine. And we’re getting closer to the 500 marker. WOW! Didn’t expect it to happen so fast!

Also, we had 3 people try the shark week quiz from Cosmeo. Anyone else going to try it? Did you know that if your students had Cosmeo, they could watch videos on sharks, download images, read articles and then put all of this knowledge gained into a PowerPoint to share in class? Or a digital story – "Life of a Shark: The Untold Story" from a shark’s point of view. How fun could that be!?!

I’m on my grand tour of North Florida. Today I’m in Jacksonville with Ruth Manlandro. Finally caught up with her to give her the 1 Gig USB drive she won a while back100_0457 ! Tomorrow I’m in Land O’Lakes and Orlando. Next week I’m in Leon County. The week after that I’m in Union County. Then I’m back in Orlando and Polk. Am I missing anyone?


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  1. Tom Turner said:

    Took the test….man I did PITIFUL…nice thing about the quiz is there was the video clip showing you the rationale for the right answer.

  2. Cheryl Woolwine said:

    Missing Putnam this trip but we had you last month so I guess I can handle it – always enjoy your visits!

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