A new look for DEN?

If we’ve said it once, we’ve said it a million times, the DEN is all about YOU.  So we need your help once again, this time to provide us some feedback about a couple of new logos we’re considering.  Take a look at the logos below, and then vote for the logo that you like the best!  If you have any comments as well, we’d love to hear your thoughts.

Just share your vote as a comment!






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  1. Aaron Smith said:

    I like the 2nd one more. Switching fonts every line makes the 1st one a little too busy as a logo, I think.

  2. Hall Davidson said:

    Hey, the logos are fine. I like both although #1 edges ahead because it has less cursive (I’m still printing, my cursive is terrible) BUT the coolest thing is that little poll from neomyze.com. Does Steve never sleep tracking these things down>

  3. Danielle Abernethy said:

    I can’t decide! I see what Aaron is saying, and he is an art guy that would know about pleasing looks. But on #2- is that really cursive? It looks like print to me………..

  4. Eric Langhorst said:

    I’m going to have to go with #1. I sort of like the way it uses a different font for the “educator” and “network”. Great work!

  5. Cheryl Triplett said:

    I like Logo # 1. Educator really sticks out and isn’t that what Discovery is all about???

  6. Pam Nielson said:

    I, too, prefer #1 over #2, but am I the only “nerd” here who really likes our current logo?

  7. Joreen Kelly said:

    I agree with Pam Nielson, I think the current logo is really nice — the other ones look a little too informal. If I had to choose between the two, however, I’d take the second choice because it’s easier on the eyes to see the same font.

  8. Joe Brennan said:

    I’m going with #1 too. I like the kind of chalkboard/graffitti feel of “EDUCATOR” on top of the standard network logo. And yes, Hall, there are left and right brain people, and then there is the Steve Dembo search bot/”hey, this would be good for…” net brain, soon to be codified as a separate intelligence by Howard Gardner.

  9. Claudia Novak said:

    I agree with Margo. My middle aged eyes prefer Logo #1.

  10. Larry Fenton said:

    I would keep with the current logo but would go with new #1

  11. Phy Chauveau said:

    I like the looks of #1. The differentiation between educator and network is appealing. I would still be satisfied with #2 as well.

  12. Donna Criswell said:

    I prefer #1 too. The original one is nice, but very formal and a little stodgy in my opinion. The third is too wild. The middle one is “just right”… like Goldilocks and porridge! I like how the word “Educator” pops out and appears unique and creative… like teachers!

  13. Barbara Schwartz said:

    I like #1. Educator stands out nicely.

  14. Lance Huebner said:

    I would have to agree with the majority and say #1. It just has a more professional look to it.

  15. Jennifer Jensen said:

    I too have to agree there are aspects of the current logo that I like…but between these two choices, I have to go with #1. I think it looks more professional with just one line of handwritten font.

  16. Debbie Bohanan said:

    Our current logo is nice (especially since I have accumulated a great deal of branded shirts) but if we need a new look, I like the way Educator stands out in #1.

  17. Sue White said:

    I prefer #1 – Educator should stand out from the Discovery Network.

  18. Becky Hart said:

    I vote for #2.
    It’s not about an educator, but about the Educator Network.

  19. Michele Futch said:

    I like the current logo. However, if it is to be changed, #1 is better. I don’t like #2 at all.

  20. Jennifer Aponick said:

    I really like Logo #1. I think it makes the “educator” pop out and be noticed.

  21. Kim Randall said:

    Ok, I don’t think I have middle-aged eyes just yet… 😉 But I think #2 is the way to go! Too many different fonts and sizes in #1. I def. agree that the little poll is the coolest! Where on earth do you find these things, Steve?

  22. Teryl Magee said:

    I think #2 is the way to go! I too think there is to much going on in #1.

  23. Marcy Mickelson said:

    I prefer #1. Educator pops out at you. I think the handwritten font is harder to read and the less of it the better.

  24. Amber Price said:

    I like numero uno (#1). The word “Educator” seems to stand out more, which I would love to show off if it were on a t-shirt. 🙂

  25. Beverly Plein said:

    I think both are great, but if I must choose, then #2 gets my vote. There is very little difference…for me, #1 says the Discovery Network has Educators in it and #2 says Discovery supports Educators who Network. Just for the record, I’d be proud to wear a t-shirt with either logo!

  26. Mary Hall said:

    I like #2 because this about Educator Network. Putting the Network in the same font (but smaller) makes in Discovery Network with the de-emphasis on the network. I am however not crazy about the font that EN is in. The whole logo is top heavy.

  27. Tom Turner said:

    WOW! Looks to me overwhelmingly #1 is the way to go…so I guess I will go with the flow and say it too…

    I cannot believe I just agreed with Hall Davidson. Go Me!

    I like the way #1 highlights “Educator”. It’s what makes it all stand out more.

  28. Kimberly Mattingly said:

    My vote is on Logo #1. I agree with Tom Turner and a few others: The “Educator” stands out. 🙂

  29. Becky Farina said:

    I like Logo #1 but I would be proud to wear both.

  30. Susan Dornberg said:

    My vote is for #1. I like the way Educator stands out.

  31. Jan Wee said:

    I like the first logo — the emphasis on EDUCATOR is an important one. This version makes us unique — we are united as EDUCATORS.

  32. Heather Blanton said:

    I think the first is best hands down. It’s a little edgy but still clean and professional.

  33. Kathryn Staton said:

    I really like #1. The word Educator really stands out. It emphasizes what we are all united as.

  34. Linda Chiles said:

    Ok I have to weigh in here. I am going with the self professed nerd. I love the original. If I have to pick a logo I pick 2. It is much less discordant.

  35. Brad Fountain said:

    I have to say I prefer the cleaner look of Logo #1. I think it emphasizes the Educator portion more effectively and since that is OUR focus that is fitting.

  36. Matt Seward said:

    I kinda like the current logo as well. However, if we’re looking to change, I’d go with #1. The font for “Educator” breaks things up and adds a little coolness to the formal logo.

  37. Tiffany Bonner said:

    I like logo #1. It makes Educator stand out more.

  38. Kerri Detsch said:

    I like #1. The more solid print on the top and bottom line seem to give it a nice edge or border.

  39. Tim Childers said:

    I, too, like logo #1. I’m also in agreement with some that the present logo looks great. However, logo #1 still has a real air of professionalism due to the word “Educator” being in the middle of regular fonts. The other just looks a little sloppy to me. Thanks for the great work!

  40. Liz Boone said:

    I vote for logo #1, it really emphasizes the educator!

  41. Katie Knapp said:

    Great idea!
    I like #2…I think there are too many fonts in #1.

  42. Jeanne Morris said:

    I like #1. As a scrapbooker I say that the network in type frames the logo. Number 2 leaves the eye to wander and loose the message. #1 is my vote.

  43. Heather Hurley said:

    I like #1. I like the look of the different fonts. It also fits well with Discovery’s other logos.

  44. Rosemary Parmigiani said:

    I like the first Logo, but I think the font should not be so spread out.

  45. Jim Hopton said:

    Logo # 1. I would make “Network” bold, thus framing the word “educator”.

  46. Heather Sullivan said:

    I’m not crazy about either one (I like the current one more), but if I had to choose, it would be #1, for the same reason as Eric said- we need to make sure EDUCATOR stands out-

    Just a thought…what about a logo that makes the “DEN” more apparent? A way to draw the eye to the D, the E & the N? Or…a small picture right after “network”, the same size as the text, that is “den-like”?

    I have a few other graphics ideas that I’ll email to my DEN leader, Ronique, for forwarding-

  47. Michelle said:

    I like the first one best. But…if Network matched the font in Discovery, then Educator would really stand out as the focus. I think that might really make a point about what the network is all about.

  48. Dee Hirnickel said:

    I like logo #1- educator pops out!
    Although, I think Phyliss has a great idea with the letters DEN!

  49. Margie said:

    My vote is for #1. The different font for educator lets everyone know what the DEN is all about: educators!

  50. Diane Darling said:

    I like the first one the best.
    Logo #1 just looks like Educators are important.

  51. Paula said:

    My vote, as the only Hawaii Den Member so far, is #1.

  52. Stacy Harrell said:

    I like number 1 better because the EDUCATOR stands out more. I think that is an important lable that we should all be proud to wear.

  53. Jessica Raspa said:

    I vote for Logo #1. The word Educator in a different font places the emphasis on who belongs to the DEN.

  54. Brenda Fraser said:

    I vote for logo #1. I like the way educator is emphasized yet casual looking.

  55. Brian Bartel said:

    I would go for the original over these two options; the newer font looks like scratch compared to the professional-looking Discovery part. However, if it is between 1 and 2, I opt for #1.

  56. Lori Reed said:

    I like Logo #1. Looks clean and professional. Also like the emphasis on educator.

  57. David Ward said:

    Logo 1 looks cleaner and easier to read to me.

  58. Scott Johnson said:

    I prefer #2. Too many fonts makes it tough on the eyes. In fact, I would like to see more of a kid type font.

  59. Gina Loveless said:

    If Discovery is going to have other “networks” then I vote for number 1. Then they could just change one word for each network. Maybe each of our DEN’s could have the state name replace the word educator (though I don’t want to be the one to break all of us up—I love all of us as a whole group!). I agree that the second choice is easy on the eyes though. Is this just a cop-out on the whole voting thing or what? SORRY! Coin flip—#1.

  60. Amy Boehman said:

    I like the first logo since “educator” really stands out and is the emphasis. Cool logos!

  61. Lynnette Criner said:

    The current logo is recognized and respected. If change must be,then #2 is my choice because it is the least busy.

  62. Linda Elliott said:

    I definitely like the second one better. It emphasizes that we are educators and that we network and learn from each other, both which I feel DEN stresses.

  63. denise price said:

    Really like #1, with Educator set in the different font.

  64. Eleanor Vade Bon Coeur said:

    Number 1 gets my vote also–I would like it more if the font for “Educator” was boldface.

  65. Eleanor Vade Bon Coeur said:

    Number 1 gets my vote also–I would like it more if the font for “Educator” was boldface.

  66. Carol Unterrieiner said:

    I also like the original one best, but would choose #1 if we needed to change.

  67. Carol Unterrieiner said:

    I also like the original one best, but would choose #1 if we needed to change.

  68. Lila Boles said:

    If there MUST be a change, I like #2. The one we use now looks sharp and clean to me.

  69. Janet Smith said:

    I like the first one. I like the casual font for educator. Using it for both educator and network is is little too much.

  70. Treena Murray said:

    I like #1 the best. It stands out without being too busy.

  71. Kim Smith said:

    My vote is #1. However, I do like our current logo, but change is good.:0)

  72. Suzanne Wintle said:

    I like #1. But what if the word NETWORK were in bold to match the DISCOVERY Font. That would solve the problem with too many different fonts. It create a more unified look.

  73. Tracie Belt said:

    Great comments from all the voters! i have to vote for the number 2 logo. It looks edgier and I think
    Discovery Education is all about giving the hard working teachers out there a needed edge.

  74. Sarah Byrd said:

    I like the first one. I think it highlights the word “Educator” which is really the purpose of the network, to unite educators.

  75. Mark Jeffery said:

    If it must be changed I would vote for the first choice. However, I also think that the current logo is very appropriate.

  76. Robin Ellis said:

    I also vote for #1, I like the way Educator stands out.

  77. Jen Turney said:

    I agree with Sandy–I like #1 best, but think that network and Discovery should be in the same font.

    Hm…that wasn’t an option, was it?

  78. Jen Turney said:

    I agree with Sandy–I like #1 best, but think that network and Discovery should be in the same font.

    Hm…that wasn’t an option, was it?

  79. Jane Sykes said:

    I think I’d go with #2. Becky had a good point that it’s all about networking.

  80. Brook Peabody said:

    I prefer #2. #1 has too many font sizes and types. It looks messy and not very pleasing to the eye. I know #1 has lots of votes but #2 rocks.

  81. Sonja Phillips said:

    I like #1. The emphasis is on educator. However, I’d REALLY like the butterfly that’s on the front page on our logo too….:)

  82. Roy Phaneuf said:

    I like #1. I agree that the emphasis is on the word “educator” but also on the word “Discovery” as it should be.
    So, #1 gets my vote!

  83. Marsha Jones said:

    I like number one because the word “educator” stands out.

  84. Marsha Jones said:

    I like number one because the word “educator” stands out.

  85. Stevie Kline said:

    Of the 2, I like number 1 the best, but am curious about the reason for using a handwritten appearing font.

  86. Karen Kresge said:

    I prefer the second logo. Fonts immitating handwriting appear more personal. DEN seems less about media and the message and more about people.

  87. Marisa Bernard said:

    I like logo #1 the best. I like that the word “educator” is isolated with its own font.

  88. Linda Epps said:

    If the logo must change, I vote for logo number 1. The logo highlights educator, which is the DEN’s focus.

  89. Keith Schroeder said:

    I like the first one, also. The word Educator stands out more than the other one. . . but I wish educator was a bit more bold or maybe a more cursive writing. . .

  90. Barbara De Santis said:

    I like the first one- the network is always there- it’s the educator part that makes the DEN different- that should be highlighted.

  91. Debra Gastelum said:

    I like #1. It’s sharp and with the different fonts, there is more focus on the word educator. I do agree with some who think that the word educator might look better if it were a little thicker (bolder) font, but only a little.

  92. Angel Spurling said:

    I prefer the look of logo #1 myself! I can’t tell you why it just fits !

  93. Nadine Heifert said:

    My first thought was to go for #2, only because that font suits me a lot more than the standard ones that are so overused out there — but I digress. Then — I read what y’all had to say and I have to agree — “educator” does need to stand out. So, #1 does that a bit more successfully.

  94. Marie Belt said:

    I like the first logo the best…I like the way “Educator” stands out. Discovery has lots of shirts/products, and this look is distinctive (though, I have to admit, I never really thought about it before this!).

  95. Anna B. Epps said:

    I really don’t care for either logo. They don’t appear professional to me. The script is not appealing.

  96. Dale Basler said:

    Niether, both. . . it really doesn’t matter. There is nothing new here. Only the font has changed.

    The Earth and “Discovery” have familiarity but the rest is just text.

    We need imagery that conveys the ideas of an “educator” and a network.

    If this is really about us, why not have a contest. Let us design the basic idea for the new logo and then vote.

  97. Sharon Sizemore said:

    I love #1 – kinda cool – the word EDUCATOR – stands out – do we all get new shirts? That’s for you Scott!

  98. Sharon Sizemore said:

    I love #1 – kinda cool – the word EDUCATOR – stands out – do we all get new shirts? That’s for you Scott!

  99. Glenda Jenkins said:

    #1 gets my vote. I agree with others that feel it lets the “Educator” stand out.

  100. Sr.Loretta Glanz said:

    My choice is Logo #1 because it is easier on the eyes and also the word educator stands out.

  101. Cindi Karras said:

    I really like the first logo-it stands out (at least to me)

  102. Beth Weeks said:

    I’m liking #1!!! I like how the Educator stands out!!

  103. Anna Heffernan said:

    I like the first one. The educator sggests something special because it is hand written and personal. It signifies what Discovery Educator Network is all about.

  104. Sally Walter said:

    I like # 1 the best but agree with others that “Educator” needs to be in bold letters and closer together.
    I also think that neither of the new suggestions for logos do anything to emphasize DEN. I am cautious in using the abbreviation because most people do not know what it stands for.

  105. Kimmy said:

    I like the second one better. The use of the same fonts makes it cleaner.

  106. Paula Frank said:

    I think you should choose #1 but you need to make the network font look like Discovery font. This way EDUCATOR will really POW us!

  107. Linda Moore said:

    At first the 1st one was more pleasing, but I am casting my vote for the second one. I like the way the “Educator Network” is in the same font and stands out from the Discovery logo. We are standouts in our field with the world of Discovery at our fingers.

  108. D. Beard said:

    I like the first one. It has a good look and since the DEN is about us, it makes the “educator” part stand out.

  109. darcy said:

    after reading the other posts, i must agree with the votes for #1…the Educator part stands out more, and looks more distinctive.

    happy fall!

  110. Angel Spurling said:

    I vote # 1! I like the way educator stands out ! It’s simple but catchy !!

  111. Cynthia said:

    I vote for #1, it is more easier for the eyes to read and look at.

  112. Terry Wiygul said:

    I like the first one better. I think from a graphic design standpoint it is more aesthetic.

  113. Linda Michael said:

    I vote for #1. I think the font for “educator” makes it pop out.

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