Shark Week Winners

WOW! I learned and did so much today! First I visited Pasco County. They are coming on board with unitedstreaming this school year, and boy are we in for a treat! The teachers that piloted it last year created some AWESOME projects. I hope they join DEN and share. Courtenay O’Connell already emailed me, so I know they’re going to be active!

Then I had a meeting with Lyman Carter. We were working on one project and he told me about Rock n Write. Check it out and leave comments below on what you think or if you’ve used it before. Then I stopped by my brother’s to get a package. In it was another t-shirt from Inspiration (I’m rebuilding my collection. I’m keeping this one) along with a free trial of their new program, InspireData. Now everyone in DEN knows that my favorite teaching tool is unitedstreaming but my favorite software is Inspiration. My old colleagues know that I HATE Excel and data projects. But this software makes it look fun! I can’t wait to play with it. Download a copy of it and try it today. Leave comments and tell me what you think.

Next I went to the Discovery Store. Hey, I’m in Orlando. Got to stop there! Now I’m at Panera Bread about to announce the winners of Shark Week. While looking at the data, I realized that we are almost to 500 events! Ran back to the Discovery Store for that prize. Who’s going to win? Get those events submitted. So using the Random Number Picker, our lucky winner is………, well wait. Let me give you some background. This is a DEN member that joined in April, but I didn’t get to meet until baseball night. She turned in an event from last week and another from this week. The one from this week was dealing with a topic we glossed over at the Back to School Bash – digital storytelling. She’s probably going to go back through her calendar and make sure she’s got all of the events in once she hears she won. So Tracie Belt from Shorecrest, please contact me! You won the SHARK ATTACK Prize of the week!

But hold on………I found these two cute little sharks at the Discovery Store and couldn’t leave themSharkweek_bottom there. (Can’t believe I used sharks and cute in the same sentence, much less to describe a shark!) Cathy McIntyre from Okaloosa (who also caught up with all of her event logging) was randomly chosen for hammering away at those events. Cheryl Woolwine from Putnam will be getting one for taking a bite out of the shark week quiz. They’ll each now have an adorable little reminder to keep shining their light with DEN! I have another shark week prize to give away, but I think I’ll hold on to it until Thursday and see if that person shows up to the Networking social in their own county.

Personally, the only great thing about shark week has been the host, Mike Rowe. I have to agree with Susan from North California – he makes anything worth watching! Including Dirty Jobs. But it’s almost safe to turn on the tv again. Joey will be sad, but momma won’t!

Next week,  let’s give away a tip of the day prize for those submitting them. Just email me your tip, written the way it should be published. If it gets selected, you’re name will go in the random picker for a Discovery Survivor Pack. I’d like to hear from you to know that you’re surviving the back to school rush.


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  1. Cheryl Triplett said:

    Danielle, I just checked out the Rock N Write. Awesome site. I emailed the URL to the district teachers. Thanks for sharing with us. I will keep you posted on how we use this great resource. Cheryl

  2. Tom Turner said:

    Congratulations to the WINNERS for Shark Week!!!

    I also checked out Rock n Write. What a way to pair something that kids LOVE in music with something that most don’t, writing. An interesting concept that I will be sharing with my school.

  3. LaQuita Hutchinson said:

    Congratulations to the WINNERS for Shark Week!

    As usual thanks for sharing the Rock n Write. Keep up the great work.

  4. Michele Futch said:

    Rock & Write looks really cool. Our District is focusing on the 6 Traits of Writing this year. The students will love this activity. You know how most of them hate to write?

  5. Cheryl Woolwine said:

    Wow, can;t believe I won on shark week – especially since I am so squimish when it comes to “JAWS”! Thanks
    I look forward to checking out this Rock and Write site!

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