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Bayshore_elementary Teachers LOVE unitedstreaming! I was in Manatee County for a training because one of our DEN members, Kaye Oakley, invited me to train at her school and it is just amazing how the good news of unitedstreaming spreads.  She happened to mention on their district email that I would be in town and had a little extra time in the morning if anyone needed help. Roy Phaneuf, from Bayshore Elementary, was given the charge to teach unitedstreaming on Friday morning to his teachers, but just as everyone’s plates are so full, he thought he’d take a chance and see if I could come and do it for him.  What a pleasure.  I thoroughly enjoyed working with the Bayshore Elementary teachers and count it a privilege to have impromptu trainings.  Bayshore went from very few users to 32 users in one session.  They were very excited to begin using this cool tool. 

Drinking_from_a_fire_hydrant The best description of the power of unitedstreaming came from Kaye Oakley this week.  She described learning unitedstreaming to taking a drink from a fire hydrant!  There’s just so much more to it than just video!  Cool description, Kaye.

Newlogo1 Steve Dembo, our online community leader is asking us to consider two new logos for the DEN.  Would you take the time to put in your two sense?  Newlogo2 https://blog.discoveryeducation.comdiscovery_educator_networ/2006/08/a_new_look_for_.html Let us know which one you picked in the comments. 

Have a great start to the school year.  I’ll be in Palm Beach and Broward Counties this week meeting many new potential DEN members.  Can you believe that Broward County has 17,000 teachers in their district alone?

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  1. Roy Phaneuf said:

    It was also a pleasure to meet you Karen. Our staff is so excited about using the Unitedstreaming resources, thanks to your terrific presentation.
    I cannnot wait to share all the unique ways that Bayshore Elementary School’s wonderful teachers find to use them!

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