WI DEN Webinar Series

Wondering What’s Up with the Wisconsin DEN? 

Are you wondering if there are any special events, opportunities, or future Days of Discovery planned for fall or spring?   Participate in the WI DEN Webinar Series and you will never be left out! 

Friday, August 4 from 9am to 10:15am a first for Wisconsin DEN took place.  Eleven Wisconsin DEN members (Keith Schroeder, Beth Killian, Amber Garbe, Patti Morin, Dan King, Dale Basler, Brian Bartel, Cary Anastasio , Patsy Hawkenson, Rebecca Bartlett, and Chris Able) and myself kicked-off our first of a year-long regularly scheduled DEN updates via the Discovery WebEx Webinar system.   

Of course, the first time one ventures into the virtual world there always are a few hurdles and disappointments.  A few registered attendees were not able to connect and I apologize if that happened to you.  But, no fear… I am REPEATING this webinar (called WI DEN Update Webinar #1) on Friday, August 11 at 1pm-2:15pm so if you missed the first webinar you are once again able to attend.     I also am making the slide show available to all who 1) Can’t attend or 2) Did attend and want a copy of what we discussed.

Download wisconsin_discovery_educator_network_updatewebinar1.pps   (SAVE this as another filename OR use the password DEN to open!)

I will continually add the Webinar File Presentations to this section of our WI DEN. Webinars will be scheduled regularly – approximately ONE every 3-4 weeks!  Webinars will be repeated 2-3 times at different hours of the day and on different days of the week to ensure maximum participation,

Webinar topics will include:

1) DEN Events state, regional, and national
2) Active DEN membership
3) Special promotions and opportunities,
4) BETA testing opportunties
5) Practical sessions led by other DEN leaders who would like to share (topics – unitedstreaming integration in various content areas, Special Education, etc., podcasting, SmartBoard integration, blogs and wikis, birds of feather sessions, etc.)    If you would like to co-lead or have me host a session in which YOU take the lead, email me NOW!  Let me know your ideas and we will setup a webinar date and time!
6) Training resources, ordering kits, logistical concerns
7) Q and A sessions on topics of your choice including Digital Storytelling, Discovery Education resources (Discovery Science, Discovery Health, COSMEO, Learning Adds Up, etc.)
8) WI DEN State Advisory Team Reports
9) YOUR IDEAS… (submit to Jan!)

REMEMBER… if you missed Webinar #1 — the next SCHEDULED WEBINAR is

Friday, August 11 at 1pm-2:15pm    REGISTER IN ADVANCE via Jan Wee Topic: Wisconsin DEN Update #1 (repeat session)
Date: Friday, August 11, 2006
Time: 1:00 pm, Central Daylight Time (GMT -05:00, Chicago)
Meeting number: Jan WEE will give WI DEN members this info via email
Meeting password: JAN WEE will give WI DEN members THE PASSWORD
Teleconference: Call in tollfree phone number (US/Canada): 866-469-3239

Thanks to all who participated in our FIRST WEBINAR! 

Congrats to DALE BASLER of Appleton Area School District who WON a special incentive reward for his participation!

Jan Wee, WI DEN Field Manager


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