Global Education Partnership

Gebcsouthafrica_1If you have been reading the national DEN blog posts recently, you know that a team of active unitedstreaming users and several Discovery employees have traveled to South Africa to visit schools and historical sites. What you may not know is that this journey is a part of a larger and more comprehensive program sponsored by Discovery called the Global Education Partnership.

ClassroomThe home page of the website for this global outreach program provides a short description of the mission of the program: “Discovery Channel Global Education Partnership is a nonprofit, charitable organization dedicated to reaching across the global information divide with the tools and training necessary to extend the power of technology and information to under-resourced communities around the world.”  In recent years, the Partnership has established training centers in key locations around the world, provided culturally appropriate educational video programming, and created professional development programs that help local teachers to make effective use of available technology and multimedia resources.

Click this link if you are interested in learning more about the Global Education Partnership and the many projects that are underway. Click here to go to the “Discovery Educator Abroad: South Africa” blog site to read about the adventures of the Discovery ambassadors and see pictures of their school visits and excursions. Better yet, leave a comment and let them know what you would like to learn about South Africa so that you can make this topic a part of your curriculum this year.


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