Survivor Tip #4

We encourage training of unitedstreaming, whether it’s the basic training or the integration training. DEN members can order up to four training kits a year, earn prizes for events documented and so much more. There are times though that face to face training is just not possible. I’m betting that the beginning of the school year, that’s one of those times.

Virginia Richard from Polk County School Technology Services brings you this tip for surviving Back to School with Discovery. Interactive Training is available in the Professional Intertraining Develoment Section, and it’s a great way to see what unitedstreaming is all about. Four modules are available, with a fifth one coming this fall. They are interactive, self-paced, and produce a certificate at the end. So if you have teachers who cannot stay for training due to other obligations, you can still make sure they are trained by having them complete this online. We are planning to use encourage teachers to take the interactive modules as part of our eTIPS program (Electronic Technology Integration Proficiency Skills).

On the same wavelength, if you click on the Interactive Training, you’ll also find Discovery Educator Network Certification Module. This interactive training helps teachers with what to do before training, during training and after training. In a posting in April we mentioned that Cheryl Cyrus Webinarcertificate_2 found this gem. Tom Price from Leon County also just found it and sent me his certificate. So let’s do another contest. The winner chooses between a Discovery laptop bag or a Discovery Education shirt. Here’s what you need to do: complete the online certification module for DEN and then send me the certificate.

Let’s give the deadline of Friday the 18th.


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  1. Cheryl Woolwine said:

    I did this training back in May and it sure has come in helpful while training other staff members in my county, so I urge all DEN members to take part. It is fun, easy and informative. AND you may win a prize. We all like prizes!

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