MythBusters Scooped by the DEN

This Wednesday, the MythBusters will investigate the science behind the Mentos/Diet Coke phenomenon.  But before Adam and Jaime tackled this tasty combination, the DEN team tested some theories of their own.  In between eating hamburgers, hot dogs and s’mores in my backyard, we took a break to see if Mentos and Diet Coke really did result in an explosive combination.  Take a look at the enclosed video featuring Lance Rougeux, the DEN East Coast Regional Manager, Jannita Demian, Southern California Field Manager, along with a few Discovery Educators.  Please remember, Lance is a professional…DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME!

To learn more about the Mentos/Diet Coke reaction or the upcoming MythBusters exploration of this combination, read the full article on



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  1. Danielle Abernethy said:

    THAT was FANTASTIC! Way to go Lance on the scientific process and to the rest of the team for supporting him through this experiment. Watch out Myth Busters!

  2. Joe Brennan said:

    Hmmm… I can only imagine what an adventure lighting the charcoal for the cook out must have been!

  3. Kristin Furdak said:

    Wow! Great camera work! Excellent special effects!

  4. Rachel and Dawn said:

    Way to go Lance!! We’re proud of you for taking on the challenge to prove this myth!

  5. Brook Peabody said:

    I used to think it was fun as a kid to do the vinegar and baking soda volcano but this puts a whole new twist on it.
    Great tip Lance!

  6. Debbie Bohanan said:

    Lance must have been dared to hold the soda and mentos in his mouth with it closed! You are a brave soul!

    Scott, a video tip. When liquid is coming out the subject’s nose, you need to zoom in so we can see it better! Thanks for the clip. I look forward to more adventures from the Lance and Scott duo.

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