Survivor Tip #5

Tom Turner from Polk County is a great advocate for Discovery Educator Network and unitedstreaming. As a middle school classroom teacher, Tom’s not the school’s trainer. However, he has been turning in events, sharing projects, blogging, and so forth. He’s always a joy to have at any event, and is quick to jump in and volunteer to do whatever it is we’re doing. He even admitted to getting out his map so he could figure out where Okaloosa was for a possible event in October. So is it any wonder that this entire week’s tips will be from the one, the only Tom TurnerActive DEN Member Superstar? 32490229

Without further delay, your tip from Tom Turner on unitedstreaming and Inspiration:

(yes I will start here becasue I know it’s near and dear to Danielle’s heart): Use Inspiration with unitedstreaming video to create thinking maps with your students. Using Inspiration prior to showing a video clip will allow you to check for prior knowledge of a topic. Following the clip, use the "Rapid Fire Tool" so you can check for understanding by promoting dicussion on the topic. If you have Inspiration 8, download your unitedstreaming videos in Quick Time format so you can directly embed them into Inspiration. If you don’t have the upgrade, all is not lost. Just hyperlink your Windows Movie Player or Quick Time File. Oh, and don’t move the file afterwards. The link will be looking for it in the path you set it on.

You can even customize your image library in Inspiration by bringing in images from unitedstreaming. The first thing that you need to do is download the images from unitedstreaming, Insp preferably in small size. There are several ways to bring the image into the library, but the easiest to explain is to click on the down arrow by the library guide and select EDIT SYMBOL LIBRARY. You’ll then import the image in. Keep the image standard size, otherwise it could take up the entire thinking map.

Thanks Tom for sharing. Tomorrow he’s sharing a tip about the Writing Prompt. Anyone else who has a tip, feel free to email it to me. And don’t forget to document you sharing Tom’s tip with other teachers in your school. I’ve got some Discovery Gifts to help you go back to school in style!

Oh, and your stress relief for the day can be found on the National DEN Blog Site. This video is too funny!


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  1. Jenny Beyer said:


    I like the idea of using United Streaming with Inspiration. Many of our teachers use Inspiration already, so this sounds like a great way to get them tuned into United Streaming. Also, I love the idea of checking for prior knowledge before showing a video. It’s a great way to monitor the actual learning that takes place with students, something that doesn’t always happen when teachers show videos. Nice idea!

  2. Tom Turner said:

    Thanks Jenny!

    I’ll be honest. I only started using Inspiration about a year ago. I originally thought it was a goofy program (sorry Danielle 🙁 but I did). But now I’m sold on it. I even used it yesterday to show how my classes will need to organize their class notebooks for the year. What better way!

  3. Cheryl Woolwine said:

    Inspiration is awesome and I definetly plan on implementing it, in conjunction with unitedstreaming, in our middle schools and high schools that currently are not using it in this manner! Thanks Tom for making it easier for me to get started!

  4. Ana McMoran said:

    Wait until you see Inspire Data!
    I just purchase it, it is amazing. You can also download a free trial on the Inspiration. com site . You will be amazed. Inspire Data is for Math basically, but it has many templates you can use for yother subjects. I love the 3 programs, my kids use them all the time to build character webs, writing essays as an organizer, then they turn it into the page view and they have their outline ready to go. Did you know you can also make a website using Inspiration and Kidspiration???
    Check the site out!

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