We break our normal program…..

I know, we’re suppose to be doing the Survivor Tips, but I have some news I want to share. I’m taking over today. We’ll return to the tips tomorrow. ūüôā

WE COMPLETED THE RACE TO 500 events, and counting! On July 17, Christine Brink from Flagler 500County joined the DEN. To date she has turned in four events. Her fourth one was our 500th event and has earned her a Discovery Education Polo Shirt. She shared the power of unitedstreaming with 8 teachers during their science meeting and gave them some examples of how she plans to utilize this great tool. Congratulations to Christine! Let’s say we try for 600…….

DenlogoNew Look for DEN: Many of you have taken the time to vote on the new logo for the Discovery Educator Network. If you did, thank you! We’ll announce the winning logo soon. (For those who missed it, it was posted on the National Blog Site.)

But that’s not the only thing that’s new. Steve Dembo, our online community manager and Podcast/Blogger extraordinaire, has been working with his team in updating the Discovery Educator Network Website. At first glance, the improvements may not be noticeable. It was already an awesome site. However, wander over to the Educator Resource Section. WOW! Uploading resources just got easier! I double dog dare each and everyone of you to try out these improvements by uploading a couple of resources in the next few days. Go ahead…….this summer you have been writing some awesome lesson plans, creating PowerPoints and other curriculum materials you know you want to share with the rest of DEN. Test out the improved resource upload as you make your contribution to DEN. Those who upload at least 2 resources by next Friday will have a chance to win a Discovery Educator Prize. Hey, and while you’re at it, leave comments below on what you think of the improvements.

URL Collection: Again, this was posted on the National DEN Blog. Discovery Education is collecting Ten Thousand URL’s that YOU find useful to educators. Send your list to debbie_caniza@discovery.com with subject line ‚ÄúURL project‚ÄĚ. The top URL hunter-gatherers will be listed on the blogsite. Mel Gilbert from Ocoee High School shared with me a great list of URLs and I have already forwarded them to Debbie. Who else wants to step up to the plate so when they list the top URL hunter-gatherers North Florida is well represented?

Speaking of the National DEN Blog site, who read that Discovery swept the Best Math Software of 2006? WAY TO GO unitedstreaming! Go read Steve’s blog about this wonderful honor.

And don’t forget to follow Betsy Whalen’s trip to Africa. She personally called out North Florida DEN Member Tom Turner. I’m calling out all of you! Virtually Discover Africa through the Discovery Educator Abroad Site.

Thanks Lisa Nall from Okaloosa County for sending me your DEN Certification. Who else is stepping up to the challenge?

It’s past midnight and I think I’m finally out of steam. Don’t forget to document any events, including sharing of the tips, back to school unitedstreaming refreshers, or other unitedstreaming trainings. Tomorrow we’ll start the day with a tip from the infamous Tom Turner.


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