Mentos + Diet Coke + MythBuster's = Explosive Episode

So what does your field manager do on her 1st vacation in a year?!?  I hung out with my boss!!!  I know sounds a bit crazy.  But here’s the scoop… My director, Scott Kinney, lives in the sweetest place on earth… that’s right Hershey, PA. So, Lance Rouguex, East Coast Regional Manager, myself, and our "other halves" spent an evening hanging out, eating Scott’s famous hamburgers, and of course no evening would be complete with out a little mischief!

As a result we put the Mentos + Diet Coke to a challenge.  So if you want a GREAT laugh check out our home video as we worked hard to discover 1) What happens when you combine Mentos and Diet Coke? 2) How many Mentos can fit in Lance’s mouth and 3) Just what will happen if Lance tries to keep his mouth (filled with Mentos and Diet Coke) shut tight.

To watch our video go here…. Warning… it might take a little while for the movie to load… but it’s definitely worth the wait! https://blog.discoveryeducation.comdiscovery_educator_networ/files/

Well the MythBuster’s must have caught wind of this DEN challenge, because last night they hosted their own version of this trendy experiment.  Although, I have not seen it yet (had to TIVO that one) I am sure it was quite explosive.

When I first emailed my DEN members about the episode earlier this week, it only took a few minutes before the emails came rolling in.  Here’s what some had to say…

Christy Keeler: "Did you see the Extreme Diet Coke and Mentos Experiments at They replicate the Bellagio Fountains of Las Vegas fame!

Kathy Martin: "You is often blocked in many districts. If you would like to watch the Extreme Diet Coke and Mentos videos go to

Dennis Cowick: "One of my students here in San Diego presented a film for the San Diego iVIE student film festival he created on this very subject. His film won a nomination in the high school math and science category.  Click on this link to see his movie.

Scott Kinney: Check out his blog post by clicking herehttps://blog.discoveryeducation.comdiscovery_educator_networ/2006/08/mythbusters_sco.html

So… how many of you watched the episode?  Let us know what you thought of our video and then the MythBuster’s show.  Do you know any other great and safe explosive experiments?

  They have a number of hilarious videos and continue to post video results of their other "explosive" experiments.  They have tested 15 types of sodas and numerous candies!"


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  1. Kimberly Mattingly said:

    I watched Mythbusters last night. The show was awesome! I loved it! Especially, when they tested out different mentos to see if they can get the same effect as the mint mentos. Another feature I liked is when they created a noozle to make the diet coke squirt higher. I think the highest was 30 ft. Amazing!
    I saw your video too. My favorite part is when Lance put mentos and diet coke in his mouth. It foamed all over. LOL. LOL. Fantastic job on the video! 🙂
    I am fasinated with volcanoes. I would love to find out how to create the perfect lava flow. Is baking soda + vinegar + red food coloring the best effect? What other key ingredients can be used? Hmm. Hmm. Any suggestions anyone?

  2. Jean Cavanaugh said:

    Question: How are discoveries made?
    Answer: Educators with too much time on their hands!

    I’ve already planned on using this experiment with my classroom this year.

  3. Danielle Abernethy said:

    Thanks for sharing those other great sites. I’ll have to check them out. Loved the home video by the way Jannita!

  4. Kimberly Mattingly said:

    I just thought of something. Maybe I should try and add mint mentos to my exploding volcano. LOL.LOL.

  5. Danielle Abernethy said:

    I remember adding Pop Rocks to an exploding volcanoe once. We added quite a bit of packs and boy did we have a mess to clean up.

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