Welcome Back!

It’s been a while since I have posted.  I have enjoyed a little vacation time and have been busy in the past few weeks already presenting and sharing for staff development sessions in East Texas and in Oklahoma.  I can’t believe that school has started for some and will be, shortly for everyone else.  Doesn’t it just seem like yesterday when it was the end of the school year or Spring Break for that matter?  While many of you had a nice vacation and many of you continued to work this summer, we have been very busy here at Discovery. 

On June 5, we launched the NEW version of unitedstreaming.  I hope you have taken some time to get acquainted with the AWESOME new features.  Please let me know if you are need of some "new features" information or webinars.  The training toolkits are being modified a bit and will include new materials for the new features.  Many of you held training sessions this summer – I want to hear about them!!!  Please remember to send me your Events Reports. Download tx_ok_events_report.xls

This week, one of the newest Discovery Educators sent me this very CREATIVE piece.  Tammy Parks, from Howe Public Schools, in Oklahoma (we have a Howe in Texas also!), spent some time creating this very cool magazine cover for her unitedstreaming training!  Way to go Tammy and thanks for letting me share with all!  Download united_streaming_magazine_cover.pdf

Welcome back and stay tuned for some announcements about DEN 2007!

P.S. If you have moved districts and your emails have changed, please forward them on to me Michelle_Weeks@discovery.com


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